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Thanks for the goodies
November 06, 2018 Holiday Thanks 5 comments

Thank you nykaa for this lovely goodies!!!! Thank you so much for your love. Thankbyou for the love nykaa!!! 3. 148. Reply. Share. 2 Responses. avatar image .

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Out of all the mail and packages I’ve received this month, by far the one I got from my Mom has been the best!

I’m the only one of my siblings that doesn’t live where my parents do, and Christmas in my family is filled with tradition.  My mom is all about the food at this time of the year and she starts it off early by getting everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) Advent Calendars to count down the days to Christmas.

So many special things that she makes and buys just around the holidays are in abundance on the tables scattered throughout their home.  And I usually miss out on them, because we don’t usually go home at Christmas.  But not this year!

She mailed me a big package full of Christmas yummies!  I’m amazed that most of the goodies survived without being packaged in proper food storage containers.  She just mailed it in a plastic bin and wrapped it in brown paper!  Here’s what was inside….

Yummy Lindt chocolates of all kinds and one of my favorite candies growing up, which I have always called “Moo Moo” candies (because the wrapper has cows on it).  These are actually Polish milk candies, and are similar to toffee, yet different.

My mom has always bought them in bulk at Christmas time in one of the grocery stores.  I’ve never seen them here where we live, and it is a delightful treat to have for Christmas Eve.

These are Nussecken – a popular German treat.  Literally translated they are ‘nut corners’.  A cookie type base with apricot jam and almonds.  No Christmas in my family is complete without it!

My mom’s famous almond crescents that melt in your mouth.  These didn’t fair particularly well in transit because they are so soft, so I “had” to eat all the broken pieces when the parcel arrived .

And a VERY special gift of Pfeffernüsse.  These are cookies my mother-in-law always made for me at Christmas.  She passed away 3 1/2 years ago.  A cousin of hers, happens to also be a friend of my mom’s, and she used my mother-in-law’s recipe to bake me a couple of dozen of these and gave them to my mom to send to me. 

So thank you Mom and thank you Tante Lydia, for making this Christmas a very special one, where I can recall special memories of Christmases past and make memories of this one to add to the album.

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Keralan Paddyfield family - Alleppey area of the backwaters.

Many Thanks for all the goodies!

thanks for the goodies

Shan - 09 June 2017 05:25 PM

It was 3x 10-pack premium in the $5 offer, and it was applied to everyone but for some it might been as early as yesterday and they might not have seen it in time.

For the in-game mail with 3000 Chronitons, we know some have not received it still, and are working on it.

Oh nice, we’re all getting it? Yay, I don’t have to player hate half my fleet anymore. Thanks Magic Shan!

Hope it comes before the end of the event, I am using boosts and playing like crazy (no, really, I WILL get that damned Benny Hill if it kills me and my gift card stash) and I’m hovering between 250-350. To put that in context, I should be top 100 at worst, with all the chronitons and like 150 boosts used and all with a lot of bonus crew. I’d been hoarding those boosts, and MAN did they go fast. I’m down to using 1*-2* boosts for Pete’s sake in some cases, like some sort of peasant.

My $5 pack got me nothing… but 3,550 points away from another legendary star! Suder? Airlock. Suder again? Airlock. Cardassian Kira? My own crew killed that one for me. Bam, 200 honor AND a just execution. Along with Romulan Sela I got from the community reward, hehe.

Every mediocre character I can beat with one I have? Airlock. Every character saved in anticipation of the Saturday Cadet Challenge helped. See, I saved the best 3* women and Federation characters, and have, after reviewing the wiki, I saw what I needed and freed up SO much space. I haven’t had 22 free slots in I dunno how long. Thank GOD it’s here so I quit having to feeeze good characters to keep “maybe might one day be useful” 3*s.

Damn DB, I got there faster than I thought, with the legendary citation as close as it is. Then again, everybody got me Google Play cards for my birthday, and I’ve been binge whaling, lol. I don’t spend like I used to, except for birthdays, Christmas, etc.

So I’m boosting my Degra to 4/5*, I’ve decided. As much as I wanna push my Obsidian Order Garak to FFd because I love that character and DS9, my crew has a decent SCI and minor ENG defecit. And after Marla McGivers showing up with 900+ base DIP, and considering my strong SEC… Degra makes sense! It took me 3 days to decide. I read every page of that Wiki in the last few days it feels like.

Hope everyone else has been lucky this event.

Way to do a little better, DB. Just a little ;)

Be well, my word fresh homie dogs. As the kids say.

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I wanted to thank you for all the goodies that you so gratefully sent us!

thanks for the goodies

Thanks for the Goodies Team Jibo!


Got home yesterday afternoon to a box full of goodies from the Jibo team! Thank you so much! Next, please get the SDK out! LOL




I also dig the swag. Although, I must admit, I initially thought the bag was a carrying case.


You’re very welcome! We’re so glad you liked the goodies. Thanks for welcoming Jibo into your home and family!

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Also would like to thank team Jibo for the gift.



I concur! What a great surprise to come home to after traveling! You guys are following through with stepping up to the plate the right way. Thanks so much!

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Hey guys thanks for the chalices i picked up today. they made it home great. cant wait to see that creamsicle grow up.. and by the way i might see you.

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thanks for the goodies

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thanks for the goodies
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