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Wording for wedding thank you cards monetary gift
September 09, 2018 Holiday Thanks 4 comments

After your wedding, show your appreciation for gifts and attendance by Mailing a card with thoughtfully crafted wedding thank you wording is a big send them shows gratitude for the time and money guests spent on you.

Now that the wedding is over, maybe you’re looking for wedding thank you card wording. Because while it’s easy for wedding thank you cards to feel like one of those overwhelming and anxiety producing tasks, they don’t have to be. As long as you can muster up a few heartfelt words, you can use the same wedding thank you card wording over and over (and we’ll even give it to you).

But first, we need to take a moment for a Very Very Important Public Service Announcement. Full stop, when it comes to setting up a time and space in which to craft these little missiles of gratitude, it is hyper important to remember that this is the responsibility of both partners—not just one of you (one of you with lady parts). I am truly not interested in whether or not one of you have bad handwriting or just don’t like to write, because you both got married, and you both saw people there, and you both are hella enjoying that blender, right? Ok. (Actually, I don’t even care if you’re both enjoying the blender or not. You still both have to participate.)  And really, your partner shouldn’t just pick up the pen and writes the notes you tell them to write. They should really try to pick up some of the emotional load, too. AKA, remembering these notes need to be written in the first place.

Now that you and your partner are working on this project together, keep in mind that once you’ve invited your partner to share this task with you, you’ve committed to letting your partner do it the way he or she wants to. That means that while you can lovingly suggest wedding thank you card wording, you can’t demand that it’s used, and you can’t ask someone to split the labor  with you and then micromanage how it’s done. For example, if they send out a note that reads “Thank you for the spoons, I love to use them when I eat cereal” then… that’s what the note says. Splitting this kind of labor early in the game is great practice for the rest of marriage, especially when you welcome the idea that you might do things differently (with different standards) into your life together.

If you’re at this stage of the game, you might find that you need some help with the wedding thank you card wording. Before we dive in, here are a few tips:


  • Be timely with your thank you notes: you don’t have to fire off your notes right away, but most people expect a reply within 2-3 months. Also, if you receive gifts before the wedding that it’s more than acceptable to write thank you notes before the wedding, particularly if it helps just get it done
  • Write notes to everyone (even if they didn’t get you a gift): Listen, it’s not uncommon to have a guest attend but not bring a gift. Sometimes people truly can’t afford to attend the wedding and bring a present, and sometimes they just forget. You don’t have to follow my instructions, but I’d argue that if you’re writing notes at all, write them to everyone. Because that friend who dropped a grand they didn’t exactly have to come to your wedding should be thanked, even if they didn’t also get you a coffee machine.
  • Include detail in your notes: If you’re thanking the recipient for a gift, make sure you mention the item. But if they gave cash, you don’t need to mention exact monetary amounts. See the template below for help wedding thank you cards for cash gifts.

wedding thank you card Wording

So, for when you have to express gratitude to all 175 of your wedding guests, we bring you wedding thank you note wording. And fear not: wedding thank you cards don’t have to be long—they just have to sound like you mean it.

wording for when they gave you cash gifts

Dear Preston and Cristina,

Thank you so much for attending our wedding! We had the best time, and were so happy you were there. We are so appreciative of your generous gift, and look forward to [adding it to our new car fund, using it to put a down payment on a house, adding it to our honeymoon fund, etc]. Thank you again for joining in the celebration of our marriage.

With gratitude,

Lorelai and Luke

wording for when they gave you physical gifts

Dear Lexie and Mark,

Thank you for coming to our wedding! It truly would not have been the same without all of our family and friends there. We were so happy to receive [the gift], and we look forward to [options: using it for years to come, having it brighten our home for years to come, cherishing it as a beautiful wedding memento, make toast with it, etc].

With gratitude,

Jesse and Cèline

wording for when you’re thanking for attendance only

Dear Anthony and Stanford,

Thank you so much for attending our wedding! It was such a delight to see you after all these years. We wanted to take a moment to send you the warmest well wishes and let you know how happy we were to see you there.

With gratitude,

Rory and Logan

wording for when they send a gift but can’t make it to the wedding

Dear Britney and Christina,

We are so sorry you weren’t able to make it to our wedding. It was a wonderful day, and you were missed. We wanted to make sure we let you know how much we love your gift, and we thank you for sending it.

With gratitude,

Justin and JC

what Was Your Wedding Thank You Card Wording? what do you recommend other couples include—and what should they leave out?

So you need help nailing that wedding thank you card wording but See the template below for help wedding thank you cards for cash gifts.

Wedding Gift Thank You Notes

wording for wedding thank you cards monetary gift

Growing up, every gift-giving celebration ended with my mom’s command that I sit down and write a thank-you note to every single person who gave me a present. I was not a huge fan back then, but today I understand it was a valuable lesson. Since we live in a predominantly digital world, there’s something extra-appreciative about expressing gratitude through the written word. While you might skip over passed hors d’oeuvres or personalized favors, wedding thank-you notes are something that should never be left off of yourZola Checklist. So without further ado, here are some rules of etiquette to help you make the most of your wedding thank-you notes.

(Psst… here’s another great tip: after you create your Zola Registry and start receiving gifts, we’ll automatically track who sent you what, when the gift was sent, and the giver’s address. Yes, you read that right: all of that critical thank-you note information is automatically tracked (and downloadable!) and waiting for you when the time comes to sit down and express thanks after the happy wedding haze has cleared. Score!

The Cardinal Rules Of Wedding Thank-You Notes

While etiquette folks may argue over the finer details of wedding thank-you notes, these are the basic rules you should remember when the time comes to take pen to paper:

  • Gifts received before the wedding should also get a thank you note before the wedding. The standard timeline for sending a note is is 2-3 weeks after receiving the gift.
  • Wedding thank-you notes should be sent within three months of your nuptials. There’s a sneaky “rule” floating around out there that you have a year, but for best decorum, send your thank-you notes no later than three months after the wedding.
  • Use stationery. While the card design is entirely up to you, avoid preprinted notes where you and your new hubby simply sign your name. Thank-you notes should have a personal touch (more on that later), so use stationery fit for writing a message.
  • It’s never too late. Yes, you should send them within three months, but if that time comes and goes without a thank-you note in sight, that doesn’t mean you should shrug and move on. If you have to pass the three-month mark, later is always better than never.

Who Gets A Thank-You Note?

Wedding thank-you notes don’t stop at gift-givers. Showing some love to the people who helped make your entire wedding experience possible is just as important. This group will vary from couple to couple, but this list should get you started. Send a thank-you to:

  • Anyone who gives a gift, including monetary gifts and donations.
  • Anyone helping on the day of your wedding, e.g., attendants, greeters, etc.
  • Anyone who hosts a party for you. (Note: If the party is hosted by a group, thank-you notes should go to every host.)
  • Anyone who helped with small details or entertained guests, like arranging flowers or housing your wedding party for a shower weekend.
  • Your wedding party.
  • Your wedding vendors.

This list might be shorter or longer depending on whether you throw a small shindig or a large and lavish affair, but just remember: when in doubt, write a thank-you note.

Wedding Thank-You Note Writing Tips

Now that you know the ins and outs of when to send and who to send to, let’s talk about what your thank-you note should actually include. Here are some things to remember when writing thank-you notes:

  • Be specific. Let’s be honest, receiving a thank-you card that simply says “Thank you for your gift” isn’t really saying much at all. Be specific in your thanks by mentioning exactly what you received as a gift and how you plan to use it. One exception to the “be specific” rule is for monetary gifts. While great to mention how you plan to use the funds, it is best to not mention the exact amount.
  • Make it personal. Mention a small detail about the person who gave you the gift, such as their part in the wedding or a time in the future that you will see them.
  • Be yourself. While thank-you notes are, in a way, a formality, it’s important to use your true voice. A thank-you note shows your appreciation and is meant to make someone happy, so keeping it authentic is important.
  • Write clearly. While we aren’t saying you need to enroll in a calligraphy class, a legible message shows that you took the time to say “thank you.”
  • If you have a close relationship with the gift giver(s), feel free to address the note using their first names only. If you have a formal relationship with the gift givers, use titles such as “Dr.” or Ms.” If the gift is from a family with children who also attended the wedding, consider addressing it to the whole family, e.g., The Cunningham Family.
  • Share the responsibility. You and your partner should both sign your names!

Here’s a short and sweet example of a wedding thank-you note message:

Dear Cunningham Family,

Thank you so much for the set of chef knives—we’ve already made some delicious dinners with them in the new house! It was so great to see you all at the wedding, and hopefully we will get to see you over the holidays when we are visiting.

Thank you again for such a wonderful gift, and for sharing such a special day with us. It meant the world.


Jane and Thomas

Following the rules above should ensure that your wedding thank-you notes put a smile on your loved ones’ faces, and, let’s be honest, isn’t that all what we’re trying to do here?

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Wedding Thank-You Messages: What to Write in a Wedding Thank-You Note

wording for wedding thank you cards monetary gift

Thank you notes are a lovely way to express gratitude to guests who came to your wedding (or even those who couldn’t make it), especially if they’ve honoured you with a gift. Many couples choose to say “thank you” through a card, whether that’s handwritten or pre-written and finished with a personalised, heartfelt message. So, here’s our guide on what to write in a thank you card.

For more on wedding stationery wording, check out our guide on choosing the right wording for your wedding invitations.

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There are many ways you can go about writing your thank you cards, and to help you navigate we’ve split this guide up into the thank you notes you can write to guests who brought gifts (as well as a breakdown of the types of gifts), those who didn’t, thank you notes addressed to who exactly gave you the gift, and thank you notes for people who have helped you out for one thing or another.

Thank you Notes For People Who Gave You a Gift

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Types of Gifts

When writing your thank you cards a good place to start is with what the gift was and how much you like it—tell the gift giver how much you appreciate it and their thoughtfulness, and tell them what you have used/will use the gift for.

Thank You Notes for General Gifts

“Thank you for the smoothie maker, it’s perfect! I’ve always wanted to make my own healthy drinks. It’s exactly what I needed—you know me so well!”

“Thank you so much for the carriage clock you gave us—it looks beautiful on our mantlepiece. We can see how much care you took picking it out and I’ll think of you every time I see it!”

“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the photo album you gave us, and for your warm wishes. You’re so thoughtful!”

“We’re so touched by your generosity—thank you for the beautiful dinnerware set you gave us.”

Thank You Notes for Money and Gift Cards

Money and gift cards as gifts are growing more popular, as it allows the gift receiver to spend it on what they want instead of receiving something they might not need. When writing a thank you card for these gifts, you don’t have to mention the amount given unless you want to.


“Thank you so very, very much for your generous gift. Your contribution will go a long way toward helping us decorate the nursery.”

“Thank you so much for the money you gave to us for our wedding. We’ll use it for the luxury bottle of champagne we’ve wanted to try!”

“Words can’t express how much your gift means to us. We’ll actually be able to go on a honeymoon now, and it’s thanks to you. You’ve made us so happy!”

“Wow! We just had to say thank you for your generous gift card to Happy Shopping. We don’t know what we’ll use it for yet, but it’s going to be epic. Thank you so much for this, and for being there for our wedding day.”

“We’ve just used your £30 gift to buy a brand new coffee machine and it’s amazing. Thank you so much!”

Thank You Notes for If It’s a Group Gift

“Thank you Lucy, Bella, and Cara for your generous gift. You know us so well! We’re so thankful to have such wonderful, thoughtful friends.”

Thank You Notes for When You Don’t Know What the Gift Is

“Thank you for your thoughtful wedding gift and for sharing in our big day. It’s always lovely to see you!”

Thank You Notes for When You Don’t Like the Gift/ It Wasn’t on Your Gift List

Sometimes couples receive gifts that they’re not keen on, but it’s still polite to be grateful and to thank the gift-giver for it. And you never know—you may even find something positive in the gift.

(Note: to reduce the risk of receiving something they don’t need or want, or even to avoid receiving the same thing from different people, many couples create a gift list. It’s more like a guide for the guests who are planning on giving a gift (it isn’t a demand for one) as it helps them see what would actually be useful/interesting for the couple, but of course sometimes people ignore the gift list.)

“Thank you for your thoughtful wedding gift! We’ll think of you whenever we look at it.”

Thank You Notes for Guests Who Didn’t Bring a Wedding Gift

Guests are, of course, under no obligation to give you a wedding gift. But you can still thank them for attending!

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“It was lovely to see you at our wedding! Thank you so much for being there and sharing our special day.”

Thank You Notes For Different Types of Guests

Naturally, you may find that you want to write more personal thank you notes to the people you know well, such as parents or siblings, and give less information to more distant friends and/or relatives. Furthermore, you may have received gifts from people who didn’t attend your wedding.

Thank You Notes for Those Who Attended Your Wedding and Gave You a Gift

Parents or In-Laws

“Thank you so much for your gift and for all the help you gave us throughout the wedding—it will really help us with the new house. We can’t wait to see you when we get home from the honeymoon. Love you both!”

Thank You Notes for Close Friends or Relatives

“Thank you so much for being there on our wedding day, and for your wonderful gift. We’re so blessed to have had you there, and our honeymoon will now be even better because of your contribution. Thanks again!”

Thank You Notes for Distant Friends or Relatives

“Thank you very much for your generous, thoughtful wedding gift. It was great to see you at our wedding, and we hope you had as much fun as we did.”

Thank You Notes for Guests Who Weren’t Able to Attend Your Wedding But Sent a Present

“Thank you for your beautiful gift—we really missed you at the wedding but you were in our thoughts. We hope to see you soon so we can celebrate properly.”

Thank You Notes for People Who Gave a Gift But Weren’t Invited

“Thank you so much for your generosity, and for thinking of us at such a special time. The picture frame looks lovely on our mantleplace, with one of our wedding photos. We hope you’re very well. Thank you again!”

Thank You Notes to Thank People For Their Help

Parents, bridesmaids, groomsmen, and all manner of people often have a big hand in the wedding planning process, so it makes sense that you want to include a line in your thank you notes to say thank you for their hard work and contribution. You may even want to thank one of your wedding suppliers, such as your photographer or venue, for their steller service.


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“We’re so grateful for your help,”
“We couldn’t have done it without you,”
“I’ll never be able to/I don’t know how to repay you,”
“You’ll never know how much I’ve appreciated your help,”
“Thank you for all the help you gave,”
“Thank you for everything you did,”
“I can always rely on you,”

Ending Your Thank You Notes

Finish off your notes with a last little “thank you”.

Featured above: Burlap Chic “Thank You” Personalised Rubber Stamp and Plain White Tag

Thank you again,
With love,
With lots of love,
Lots of love,
Love always,
Much love,
Much love to you,
Love and thanks,
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,
Warmest thanks,
We’re beyond grateful,
Beyond grateful,
Feeling spoiled,
With gratitude,
Words can’t express how happy you’ve made me,
Thank you so, so much,

Confetti’s Top Thank You Note Tip

Some couples have dozens of thank you notes to write after their wedding while others may have hundreds. You can sit down and write them all in one if you feel you can, but this increases the risk of your respones becoming robotic and formulaic instead of being unique and genuine. We recommend that you complete your thank you notes in short bursts of 10 or so per day instead of taking an entire day to do over 100. Furthermore, while it’s best to get your thank you notes out as soon as possible after the wedding, don’t rush through them. If you have to take a bit more time, that’s fine!

For more on saying “thank you”, look here for some original ways to thank your wedding guests.

Written byLeanne Smith

Leanne enjoys being a highly creative person with a life-long passion for art, music, books, and writing.

Take a look at our suggestions for your wedding thank you card wording. afford to give you a gift at your wedding, given that they may have paid a lot of money.

A Complete Guide to Thank-You Notes

wording for wedding thank you cards monetary gift

Thank You Notes for Money

Whether it was a wedding gift, or a temporary loan, it’s always a good idea to write thank you notes to those generous souls who give us money.

Below our several sample thank you notes for money, gifts, checks, and loans. Use these samples as a template for writing your own notes.

Generosity should always be acknowledged. A hand written thank you note is one of the best ways to show how grateful you are.

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Sample Thank You Notes for Money

Thanks for Loaning Me Money

Dear Terry,

I can't tell you how grateful I am for the money you lent me last week. I really didn't think I was going to be able to pay the dues needed to keep James in private school. I count you as one of my closest friends. You come through for me again and again, regardless of the situation. Know that I will repay you as soon as I am able.

Again, form James and I both. Thank You.

Thanks for the birthday money

Dear Grandma,

Thank you so much for the card you sent me for my birthday. Nothing makes me quite as happy as seeing a letter with your address in the upper left hand corner.

Also, thank you so much for the check that was enclosed. It will go to good use! I will be using some of the money to go out to dinner with my boyfriend, but the rest I'm going to put into savings. I love you so much.

Love, Sarah

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Thanks for the Graduation Money

Dear John and Stacey,

I can't believe you guys came to my graduation! It was so great to get to hang out again. You two were OVERLY generous with your gift. I still can't believe it. I know that you want me to save the money to go towards a down payment on an house some day, so that's exactly what I'm going to do. Thanks again for coming, and I hope we'll be able to get together soon.

Your partner in crime,


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Thanks for the Donation

Dear Bradford Inc.,

As the year comes to a close, we here at Doctors Without Borders just want to thank you for your generous donation earlier this year. It is the monetary contributions of people and businesses like yours that make our organization as successful as it is.

Please accept our warmest thanks for your generosity and compassion towards those in dire need of medical care around the world.

Regards, Diana Truffelgate

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Thanks for The Wedding Check

Dear Paul and Louise,

Bob and I want to thank you for the thoughtful gift you gave us for our wedding. Having such supporting friends is truly a blessing. You don’t know how much it means to us. With the help of your gift, Bob and I will be able to be much more comfortable moving to Chicago while we both look for new jobs.

You guys are true friends, and our wedding would not have been half as good without you there. Lets talk soon and plan a dinner date so we can all get together and catch up after we get back from our honey moon.

Love, Bob and Marcy

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Thanks for the Christmas Cash

Dearest Grandma,

Every year when I see that small envelope under the tree, I get a flutter in my belly. The extra money you give me each Christmas is so appreciated. Its great having some extra cash since I don’t get paid while I’m home for the holidays.

Though I’m no longer surprised to see the envelope each year, that makes me no less grateful for the gift. You’re the best grandma a boy could ever ask for.

I love you. And Merry Christmas!


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There are so many different occasions to thank someone for money. I'm sure we've left a few out.

What is your reason for writing a thank you note? Share your note with us below!

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The perfect wedding thank you note wording, whether you're saying thank you for a gift or cash.

wording for wedding thank you cards monetary gift
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