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Birthday thank you poems for friends
October 03, 2018 Houseguest Thanks 3 comments

Posted By Christy Murphy on Sep 10, 2013 |. Here are some original poems to say thank you to friends and family for birthday gifts, congratulations or well.

Birthday Poems

Share our birthday poems with that someone special who is celebrating their birthday. When just a Happy Birthday is not enough why not share a verse or two. The messages in these poems are inspiring, and encouraging.

Birthdays are a day to be recognized and celebrated. It is one thing that we all have in common. And while some people regret the years passing by, others look forward to what the new year brings. Let these verses bring well wishes and happiness to celebrate the day!

Another Year
Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, © 2017

Another year has passed
A birthday for you is in store
May you find this coming year
Be one with lots of open doors.

Follow your dreams
Remember you can achieve
All that you dream
Whatever your mind can conceive

So this poems brings
wishes for you
in hopes that the coming year
is filled with things you love to do.

Birthday Wishes For A Best Friend

A Heartfelt Wish
Poet: Kate Summers, ©2017

This heartfelt wish is just for you
Today is your special day
May all the dreams you do pursue
Be realized in every way.

A special person you are to me
You deserve the best of everything
So may this birthday and the coming year be
One that offers you the best that life may bring.

Wishing You
Poet: Kate Summers, © 2017

Wishing you much happiness, dear
On this special day
And for the coming year
May blessings come your way.

Be thankful for each day you have
Thank God in heaven above
Fill your life with happy not sad
Remember you are loved.


We Want You To Know
Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, © 2017

Happiness you do bring
To those who love you so

If we could give you anything
We want you to know:

We wish much happiness for you
In everything you do.

And always remember we love you
No matter what you do

May all your wishes come true this year
Because to us you are very dear.

A Birthday Wish
by Catherine Pulsifer, ©2017

This Birthday wish is just for you,
And I hope it comes true:

B   e yourself, we love and appreciate you
I   magine and achieve all you can be
R   elax this day and celebrate another year
T   ake time to look after you, you are so dear
H   umor, never lose your sense of humor
D   etermination you do have that great quality
A   ttitude, yours is positive and felt by others
Y   esterday is gone, tomorrow is not here, live today and enjoy the year.

Happy Birthday Wishes

Time Goes By
Poet: Kate Summers, © 2017

The years go by so fast
It seems like only yesterday
We had a birthday splash
And now a full year has again gone past.

Time goes by and then we see
How the years just seem to fly by
I know that you agree with me
It is a fact of life we can't deny

So live this year
Be all that you can be
As we will turn around
And next year will be here.

The Passing Years

Poet: Edward Tuck

Age is a quality of mind:
If you have left your dreams behind,
If hope is lost,
If you no longer look ahead,
If your ambition's fires are dead,
Then you are old.

But if from life you take the best
And if in life you keep the jest,
If love you hold,
No matter how the years go by,
No matter how the birthdays fly,
You are not old.

Here Is A Wish
Poet: John McLeod

Here is a wish that says:
Warm, happy hours be yours
Shadows are of passing note
But healing laughter cures.
Be, therefore, ever joyful, Friend,
And walk on gladsome feet
Towards tomorrow's brand new dawn
And promise sweet!

Hard To Believe
Poet: Kate Summers, © 2017

It's hard to believe you are celebrating another birthday
It was only yesterday your life was full of play
Now here you are with accomplishments in life
And your attitude is one without strife
We are so proud of you
We wish you success in all you do.
So on this day we wish you well
We think you are special and oh, how swell!

As I Grow Old
Poet: Arnold West

God, keep my heart attuned to laughter
when youth is done;
when all the days are gray days, coming after
The warmth, the sun.
God keep me then from bitterness, from
When life seems cold;
God keep me always loving and believing
As I grow old.

Inspirational Prayers

Another Year
Poet: Theodore W. Higginsworth © 2017

Another birthday, another year
May you have problems that disappear
May you have health
And a bit of wealth
May you share
With those who care
May the coming year
Be one of good cheer.

Age Is Not To Be Feared
Poet: Catherine Pulsifer© 2017

Another birthday, another year
Remember though that age is not to be feared
You are just achieving your prime
Here's to your health and living a long time

As they say, be happy, don't worry
Enjoy your life and don't be in a hurry
We take this opportunity to wish you
Happiness in all you do.

We appreciate your caring
Your always willingness for sharing
Thank you, for being you
We love you and all you do.


The Happiest Age
Poet: Wilhelmina Stitch

What age is happiest?
Had you asked me,
I would have made this plea:
the Now is best.

What joy to live with zest each newborn day;
and from the Moment wrest what Life will give away.
The Past is but a guest who came and went,
and left this one behest: to be content.

Think how To-day is blest!
We've eyes to see Nature in Beauty drest for you, for me.
What matter that the crest of Youth is past.
Youth lives within the breast with joys that last.
The will to do our best, and hands for giving.
Oh! Now's the happiest, best time for living!

What age is happiest?
Oh! hear my vow, for I have put the test -
the happiest's Now.
Sweet sighs and kindly jest for warmth and cheer;
and Love's most high bequest to crown the year.

Poet: Greta Zwaan, © 2015

I think of aging as a gift, a privilege to enjoy,
Not as space or empty time that’s easy to destroy.
Years of toil are history now, your strength is almost spent,
But all the days still left to you are surely heaven sent.

You now have time to reminisce, to think of years gone by;
Remembering all the things you've done and now you wonder "Why?"
You stop and think and want to know why youth so quickly flew,
Time then was brief, just fleeting by; so much left up to you.

And now your family's grown and gone, they're scattered, far away;
And as you ponder on the past you feel alone each day.
But I know one sweet promise to those who are God's own,
“I’ll always walk beside you, you’re never left alone."

Your prayers aren't left unanswered, there's still much you can do;
Consider interceding for folks who need Him too.
When folks feel lost and lonely, greet them with a smile,
And give them the assurance that life is still worthwhile.

You're still here for a reason, so do the best you can;
You have God-given talents that fit into His plan.

Happy Birthday Poems

Thinking Of You
Poet: Theodore W. Higginsworth, ©2017

Thinking of you today with love
Your a special person who gives us much pleasure
We thank God above
As He sent us a special treasure.

May this year bring you
Success and happiness in all you do
A very Happy Birthday
Is our wish for you!

21st Birthday Quotes plus 30th, 40th, 50th

A Very Happy Birthday
Poet: Kate Summers, © 2017

A very Happy Birthday to you
Don't let your age make you feel blue
Another year older and wiser you are
You should feel like a shining star.

Age is just a number you see
What's important is for you to be
Loving and living each day with glee
And celebrating for all to see.

So be happy with this special day
We hope this card which is sent your way
Will make you realize you lucky you are
To have live your life so long this far.

Best wishes and kisses we do send
Over the miles and around the bend
A happy, happy day to you
We are celebrating with you too.

Happy Birthday Cuz

The Best of Birthdays
Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, © 2017

Wishing you the best of birthdays
May the coming year be special in all ways
Your age makes us realize how time has flew
It was just like yesterday that you were two.

We wish you happiness and health
And never forget that the important things are not wealth
Be happy don't be blue
Happy Birthday, we love you.

Happy Birthday
Poet: Theodore W. Higginsworth, ©2017

My wish for you on this special day
Is that the coming year goes well
And may life treat you great in all the ways
That my wishes and words can't tell.

Behind you now is yesterday
Let your experience and knowledge pave the way
Here's to you and to your success
We know you will give it your best.

So happy, happy birthday
We wish you many more
and on this day to you we say
We know life has good things in store

Happy Birthday Sister

Wishing You
Poet: Catherine Pulsifer© 2017

Here is a birthday wish for you
One that is loving, happy and true
A wish for happiness and best things
The coming year to you will bring.

Today I am wishing you a very Happy Birthday
A day filled with every pleasure
And may your future be as happy
As all the memories you treasure.

Happy Birthday Sister In Law

My Sister
Poet: Catherine Pulsifer© 2018

My sister, my friend it's your birthday today
I send you this verse on this, a special day:
Roses are red, violets are blue
A very Happy Birthday is wished for you!

More Happy Birthday Sister Poems

Funny Birthday Poems

To Age
Poet: Unknown

To age to age! Why does anyone care?
As the wrinkles grow longer,
And grey graces your hair.

Life should be simple,
Because when push comes to shove,
The only one counting is the good Lord above!

Poet: Unknown

Metallic Age
Poet: Unknown

To the "metallic" age
Gold in our teeth,
Silver in our hair,
And lead in our pants.

Another candle on your cake?
Well, that's no cause to pout.
Be glad that you have strength enough
To blow the candle out!

Funny Birthday Quotes

Short Birthday Poems

Another year older,
Just look at it this way.
You're only one day older,
Than you were yesterday.
Poet Unknown

Happy birthday to you,
And many to be,
With friends who are true,
As you are to me.
Poet Unknown

We wish you joy on your birthday,
And all the whole year through.
For all the best that life can hold,
Is none to good for you.
Poet Unknown

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Short Happy Teachers Day Poem in English 2018, Thank You Teacher Poem for Kids . Write Verses and Poems For Friends in Best Friend Birthday Card.

Short Birthday Poems

birthday thank you poems for friends

Thank You Message for Birthday Wishes: Birthdays are special moments in one’s life.  We all love to be wished a happy birthday. We can receive happy birthday wishes through SMS, happy birthday card, facebook, WhatsApp, twitter or any social media.

When you receive wishes for your birthday it is always good to show appreciation with thank you birthday wishes. A thank you birthday message will let the other person know you are grateful.

Thank you for the birthday wishes message does not need to be complicated. A simple birthday thank you message or text is more than enough.

If you can’t find the right words to thank someone for their birthday messages, here are some amazing sample thank you messages for birthday wishes. There is no excuse that you cannot find the right appreciation for the birthday wishes.


Thank You Message for Birthday Wishes

A birthday is a special day of the year in our life. It comes once in a year. Thank you for making my day memorable.

As the day comes to an end, so is my birthday, I want to say thank you for your birthday wishes. I am very grateful.

I am growing older, an extra year us not bad, just becoming wiser. I thank you for your cute birthday wishes.

As we grow older, more and more people are not celebrating their birthday or even remembering to celebrate. Thank you for remembering my birthday and wishing me a happy birthday.

Thank you for remembering my birthday and coming all the way to celebrate with me. It means so much to me.

Thank you so much for the for birthday wishes. I am so happy to have you in my life.

A note to thank you for your continued show of love and love, thank you for thinking of me on my birthday!

Thanking Friends for Birthday Wishes

Another one more year added to my life. Thank you for the warm birthday wishes my dear friends.

There is nothing that gives me more joy than having you my friends in life. Thank you for the birthday wishes.

Thank you for making my birthday memorable. You are the most wonderful friends in my life. You guys rock my world.

Dear friend, thank you for the birthday gift as well as remembering my birthday.

Thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes

You mean so much to me; you are a true friend, Thank you for your well wishes on my birthday

No matter where we go, we will always need our friends. Thank you my friends for being there for me on my birthday.

Thank You for the Birthday Wishes

It was a pleasure seeing you on my birthday party. Thank you for making my birthday a success.

I never imagined you would make it on my birthday day. Thank you for the birthday message and gift.

Distance can be a big letdown, thanks to technology, you can text and chat in real time. Thank you for the gift and birthday wishes

It is not every day you get to wish someone a happy birthday. Thank you for the birthday wishes.

The day was memorable all because of you. Thank you for the birthday wishes!

Thank you for wishing me happy birthday

I thought you had forgotten my birthday; it was a surprise to see your message. Thank you for remembering and wishing me a happy birthday.

Appreciation Birthday Messages

I really appreciate you taking your time to send me a birthday message. Be blessed.

Wow! The birthday message is so amazing, I really like it. Thank you for the birthday wish.

Time has really proved you are my best friend. You have never forgotten my birthday. Thank you for the birthday message. I really appreciate.

Your wishes are special to my heart. Thank you for your love and birthday wishes.

This is the best birthday surprise gift, I have ever received. You are just wonderful. Thank you so much for the gift and birthday messages.

All the birthday wishes I received from you made by birthday happier and complete. Thanks for your wishes!

Thank You All for the Birthday Wishes

It was a surprise to see you all on my birthday; it was a memorable experience to celebrate with you. Thank you for all for the birthday wishes.

My day would not be complete without you guys. You are the best. Thank you all for the birthday wishes and gift.

I wish I could find a better way to thank you all personally for the birthday wishes. Thank you all for the wishes

This is from the bottom of my heart. Thank you all for the birthday wishes and showing me much love on this special day in my life.

Going through each birthday messages, brings a wonderful memory of the friendship that we share. Thank you everyone for birthday wishes!

I feel blessed and so happy you are part of my life. Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Awesome day, reading all the birthday wishes makes me realize how I cannot do without you my friends. Thank you all for the warm wishes.

Thanks to everyone who turned out today on my birthday. I am really humbled to have you in my life.

Birthday Thank You Quotes

I wish I could reply privately to each one of you. Thank you everyone for birthday wishes

I really appreciate the surprise gift you sent me; I will always remember you when I see it. Thank you for my birthday wishes

Friends, I want to say thank you for your support and love throughout the year and especially on my birthday.

All these birthday messages makes me realize how blessed I am to have you all in my life. Thanks to all for the birthday wishes!

It was a joy reading all the birthday messages; I want to thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday.

I am humbled by the love and support you have shown me on my birthday. Thank you so much for the birthday messages!

The birthday was full of fun, thanks to you my friends. Thank you for the birthday wishes and making the birthday memorable.

I cannot find the perfect words to thank you for making my day joyful. Thank you for the birthday wishes.

Thank you all for the surprise you gave me, it made me feel special on my birthday.

Thank you a thousand times, I am so blessed to have you in life. Thanks for all the birthday wishes. It really means a lot to me.

Thanks you all the lovely birthday wishes and gifts, I could not have made it without you. Thank you for making my birthday special.

Thank You Messages for Birthday Wishes on Facebook

Thank you all for wishing me a happy birthday on my facebook wall. It is truly amazing. I did not expect it.

My birthday would not be complete if it were not your birthday wishes. Thank you all for your warm wishes.

How can I thank you all, It has been a wonderful day. Thank you for wishing me happy birthday

Seeing my facebook notification coming to life brightened my day. Thank you all for the birthday wishes!

My birthday would not be complete without your birthday wishes, Thank you for the wonderful birthday wishes.

Waking up with birthday wishes on my facebook has made my day start with joy. Thank you all for your birthday wishes!

I really appreciate you all for the facebook birthday messages. Thank you for the birthday wishes. I am humbled to have you as my facebook friends.

Thank you all for remembering my birthday and thanks for all your wishes.

You are all the best friends. I felt so special while reading all the facebook birthday wishes. Thanks for your wishes!

Birthday Thank You Card Wording

Thank you for the birthday wishes and gifts, I am truly thankful to have you in my life.

Thank you so much, my birthday would not have been complete without a special wish from you.

Thanks you for your kind words and birthday wishes. You made my day complete.

Thanks for remembering my birthday. It was a blessing to have you.

Your birthday message and gift was awesome. Thank you!


Choose the Best Thank You Message for Birthday Wishes, appreciate all those who sent you a birthday wish.

If you find these messages, wishes, quotes & Poems useful and lovely, kindly share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. Thanks You for Doing so.
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Birthday Poems for Friends

birthday thank you poems for friends

Friendship, like any other relationship, needs to be nurtured. It cannot grow like a wildflower. To develop a good friendship, you need to be committed, and a word of gratitude goes a long way toward sealing bonds. Thank your friends for being there for you. Thank them for helping you rediscover yourself.

Use these thank-you quotes for friends in cards and messages. On Friendship Day, reach out to your friends in every corner of the world. Let them know that wherever they are, they will always be in your heart. Real friends are worth the time and trouble. As Oprah Winfrey said, "Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down." 

Richard Bach
"Every gift from a friend is a wish for your happiness."

Grace Noll Crowell
"How can I find the shining word, the glowing phrase that tells all that your love has meant to me, all that your friendship spells? There is no word, no phrase for you on whom I so depend. All I can say to you is this, 'God bless you, precious friend.'"

Ralph Waldo Emerson
"The glory of friendship is not the outstretched hand, nor the kindly smile, nor the joy of companionship; it is the spiritual inspiration that comes to one when he discovers that someone else believes in him and is willing to trust him."

"It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them."

"Friends show their love in times of trouble, not in happiness."

Baltasar Gracián
"True friendship multiplies the good in life and divides its evils. Strive to have friends, for life without friends is like life on a desert island... To find one real friend in a lifetime is good fortune; to keep him is a blessing."

Yolanda Hadid
"Friendship isn't about who you've known the longest... it's about who came and never left your side." 

Thomas Jefferson
"But friendship is precious, not only in the shade, but in the sunshine of life, and thanks to a benevolent arrangement the greater part of life is sunshine."

Ann Landers
"Love is friendship that has caught fire. It is quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing, and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad times. It settles for less than perfection and makes allowances for human weaknesses." 

John Leonard
"It takes a long time to grow an old friend."

François de la Rochefoucauld
"A true friend is the greatest of all blessings, and that which we take the least care of all to acquire."

"In everyone’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit."

Lucius Annaeus Seneca
"One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood."

Henry David Thoreau
"The language of friendship is not words, but meanings."

In this collection you will find 1) happy birthday wishes for a best friend, 2) funny birthday wishes for Thank you for always by my side, my sidekick, my best pal.

A Warm Thanks - A Funny Thank You Poem.

birthday thank you poems for friends

Poems To Say Thank You

Welcome to Poems To Say Thank You which brings you free to use thank you poems, quotes, verses to teachers, friends, parents, mothers, mum, mom, kids and for weddings

Words of general thanks. These can be used separately or joined together

What you did makes me smile
And thanks
For always going the extra mile

Not just for what you do,
But particularly for being you

Not only for what you did...
But for making me feel that I was worth it


Thank You Poems to send on receipt of a gift

This brings sincere thanks
For the lovely gift you sent.
(We) (I) hope it helps to tell you
Just how much it meant.


When we recall our wedding day
As we will often do,
Your lovely gift and thoughtfulness
Will be remembered too
And as the years shall come and go
Your gift will give us pleasure
And bring you back to us again
In memories to treasure.


This little poem cannot convey
All we felt that magic day.
A heartfelt thanks is sent to you
For your thoughtful gift and wishes, too.


We appreciate your wedding gift
Far more than words can say.
And so this comes with many thanks
From both of us today.


Just a card to thank you
And a line to tell you too.
Nothing could have been more welcome
Than that thoughtful gift from you.
And as the years shall come and go
Your gift will give us pleasure
And bring you back to us again
In memories to treasure.


You shouldn't have!
But I'm glad you did!
Thank you so much.

Thank you poem for support given at a difficult time

"Angels lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly"

(Margaret) you've been an angel
Such support, an aide, a crutch
A friend, not just in fair weather but foul
And I'm grateful ever so much

Jon Bratton © 2007

Thank You Verses to a friend

Thank you so very much
I can't convey how much I'm touched
You're such a wonderful friend to me
And I know this will always be
This little card from me to you
Is just to say a big thank you

MM 2009


My friend you do such wonderful things
And lift me up... when life it brings
All those little ups and downs
You help smooth out all life's frowns
So in this (card) (poem) I want to say
You're a real good friend in every way
I love and thank you

MM 2009

Stay tuned for more Poems To Say Thank You coming this way, some day

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You can even share these birthday poems for friends on their facebook wall on the day Thank God for another year of not letting you astray;.

birthday thank you poems for friends
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