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Thank you templates for interviews
January 18, 2019 Houseguest Thanks 2 comments

Here are some helpful tips and an easy-to-use template to help you send the perfect post-interview thank-you email right on time.

If you just wrapped up an interview, and you’re wondering if, in this day and age of impersonal communication, you really need to send a thank-you email to your interview, the answer is a resounding yes!

Now that we got that out of the way, use these helpful tips and the template below to draft the perfect thank-you email.

Some pointers for your post-interview thank-you email

  • Tip 1: Send the email on the same day as the interview. Even if your interview was later in the day, you should definitely hit send before the day is done. Feel free to send in the evening as business-hours rules need not apply to this particular situation.
  • Tip 2: Send a different message to each interviewer. Did you interview with more than one person? Do not, I repeat do not send them the same thank-you email. Use unique details from each conversation or specific common ground as fodder for each message. Make it personal.
  • Tip 3: Proofread your message. If ever there were an opportunity to improve upon a first-impression, it’s in a thank-you email. Sending a thank-you email can influence or even change an interviewer’s first impression of you, so the last thing you want to do is fire off a message that has not been thoroughly checked.
  • Tip 4: If you were, for some reason, unable to get contact information for each of your interviews, try to do a little digging online. Chances are, the email addresses for each employee at a particular organization all follow the same formula, so if you met with one person whose email address was [email protected], it’s safe to assume that each of your interviewers’ email addresses follows that same format. If all else fails, when you do send a thank-you email to one interviewer, simply mention that you didn’t get contact information for her colleagues and ask her to please pass along your message of gratitude.

The different sections of a thank-you email

Of course, you’ll want to make this email your own, but here are the different sections and items that you should be sure to include:

  • A clear subject line
  • A greeting that matches the formality of the interview (first name versus courtesy title and last name)
  • A specific reference to what, exactly, you’re thanking your interviewer for (coffee, details about the organization, great conversation, all of her insightful questions and thoughtful answers, etc.)
  • Reiterate (without being too verbose or specific) what you like about the organization and/or the position, and why you think this role is a great fit for you

Thank-you email template

Email Subject: Thank you again


Thank you again for taking the time to meet with me [THIS MORNING/AFTERNOON]! It was such a pleasure to hear about the culture of the team and the organization, and to have the opportunity to share some of my story with you, as well. I’ve been following [NAME OF ORGANIZATION] for some time, and so I really enjoyed having a chance to get into the details with a member of the team.

The position sounds like a wonderful challenge and an exciting next step for me, aligning nicely with my personal and professional trajectory. As I mentioned during our interview, I have a lot of ideas on how to get this work off the ground, and I’m excited to explore new ways to address [ORGANIZATION’S ISSUE AREA] alongside such an impressive team.

Of course, if you have any more questions, please feel free to reach out, and I look forward to reconnecting with you soon!




Do you have a “usual routine” when it comes to sending post-interview thank-you emails? Words of wisdom as it relates to thanking an interviewer in a timely manner? Questions? Cautionary tales? Share them here or tweet us at

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Never undermine the power of sending a thank you note after your interview. Whether it's for a job or an internship, a thank you note is literally.

Thank You Letter for Interview – 5+ Free Word, Excel, PDF Format Download!

thank you templates for interviews

After an interview, it’s important to follow up with a thank you note as soon as possible. Your thank you note gives you a chance to reiterate your interest in the job, highlight important qualifications, and follow up on any details you were unable to mention during the interview.

A thank you note also shows your interviewer that you appreciate their time and are eager to hear from them soon. Read below for tips on how to write a thank you letter after an interview. Then use the template below to start your thank you note. Simply replace the generic information in the template below with your information. Personalize the letter so it focuses on your appreciation for the interview, your interest in the position, and the assets that qualify you for the job.

What to Include in Your Letter

Use the first paragraph to thank the interviewer for taking the time to meet with you. Mention your interest in the job and how enthusiastic you are about it. You might also mention something small about your interaction to jog the employer’s memory about you (for example, if you found out you are from the same hometown, or that you root for the same sports team).

The second paragraph of your thank you letter should (briefly) include the reasons why you are an excellent candidate for the job. List specific skills that relate to the job you interviewed for. The more detailed you are, the more the interviewer will remember about your qualifications.

The third paragraph(optional) can be used to mention anything that you didn't bring up at the interview that you'd like the employer to know. You can also elaborate on a point you felt needed more time. This gives you another chance to make a good impression, especially if you remembered something you should have said after the interview. If you feel that the interview did not go well, you can also use this paragraph to (briefly) explain why you were off your game, or to re-answer any questions you struggled with in the interview.

In your closing paragraph, reiterate your appreciation for being considered for the job and let the interviewer know you are looking forward to hearing from them soon.

Your Signature (hard copy letter)

Tips for Writing a Thank You letter

Send it quickly. Send your thank you note as soon as you can after the interview—you want it to be received while the employer is still considering candidates. Your well-written message or letter may be what secures you a second interview or a job offer.

Email vs. Letter. If time is of the essence, send a thank you letter via email. When you are sending your thank you letter via email, the subject line of the message should include your name and the job for which you interviewed. The subject should also include the phrase “Thank you,” so the recipient knows the purpose of the email. For example, the subject could be “Firstname Lastname, Position XYZ – Thank You.”

Read samples and templates. When writing a thank you letter, check out some sample thank you letters to get a sense of what you might include in your letter. You can also use the template below to help you write a thank you letter after a job interview. The template includes tips and advice on what to write in each paragraph of your message.

Edit, edit, edit. Before sending, be sure to proofread your letter. If possible, have someone else do so as well. Double-check name spellings and titles. Sending a sloppy letter will not enhance your chances of getting called back.

Job Interview Thank You Letter Template

Download the Word Template

Job Interview Thank You Letter Template (Text Version)

Morgan Applicant
123 Main Street
Anytown, CA 12345

September 1, 2018

Carson Lee
Director, Human Resources
J & L Jewelry Store
123 Business Rd.
Business City, NY 54321

Dear Mr. Lee,

I’m writing to thank you for the time you spent with me during the interview for the retail sales position at the J & L Jewelry Store. I’m excited about the potential opportunity to work with such an excellent company.

I believe I’m a perfect match for this job because I am experienced in jewelry design, as discussed during the interview. Furthermore, working at a large department store's jewelry counter has allowed me to meet and collaborate with many people, which I enjoyed. I’d also like to add that I won an award for one of my jewelry designs while I was in college. My knowledge of what makes great jewelry design is a plus.

Thank you again for the interview, and I hope to hear from you soon. My cell phone number is 555-555-5555 and my email is


Morgan Applicant

Sending an Email Thank You

If you are sending a thank you via email, you can remove the contact information and date at the top of the letter. You also only need to include a typed signature at the end of the letter. Beneath your typed signature, include your contact information (at least your email and phone number).

Job Interview Thank You Email Example (Text Version)

Subject: Thank You for the Job Interview

Dear Mr./Ms. Lastname,

Thank you for spending time with me during the job interview for the open receptionist position at Johnson & Gamble. I was excited to learn so much more about the company during our interview, and I believe it’s a very impressive company.

My skillset makes me the perfect fit for the receptionist position. I have several years of experience answering different telephone systems, along with great communication skills. Plus, I truly enjoy working with people.

Thank you again for the interview, and I hope to hear more about the open position in the near future.


Your Name
Phone: 555-555-5555

Sending a Handwritten Thank You Note

If you are sending a handwritten thank you note in a notecard, you do not need to include the contact information and date at the top of the note. You also do not need to type your signature at the end. However, make sure your signature is legible, so the recipient knows who you are.

Thank You Note Example (Text Version)

Dear Mr./Ms. Lastname,

Thank you so much for the interview for the sales position at the G Sports store in North Airington. I love G Sports as a customer, and I know I will be a great addition to the sales team because of my experience in sales and my background in sports.

Since G Sports features so many types of skiing equipment and other winter sports, I believe my experience as a competitive skier will be a great advantage.

Thanks again, and I hope to hear from you soon.


Your Name

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Three Templates for A Perfect Interview Thank You Email

thank you templates for interviews

Formal Sample Interview
Thank You Letter

The sample interview thank you letter shown here can be used to follow up after most job interview situations.

The style of the thank you letters you send will depend on the tone of your job interview. A formal interviewer and company will demand a thank you note that is more conservative and serious.

Select the follow up letter that best suits your situation and adapt it for your own needs. 

Sample Interview Thank You Letter 1

Candidate's Name
Your Address
Your City, State, Zip Code
Your Phone Number
Your Email

The date

Mr Brian Adams
Human Resources Director
Solar Systems Inc.
City, State, Zip Code

Dear Mr Adams

I want to thank you very much for interviewing me yesterday for the Senior Accountant position. I enjoyed meeting you and learning more about the position and Solar Systems Inc.

The interview strengthened my interest in the position and in working for such a dynamic company. I believe my qualifications and experience, particularly my familiarity with your current systems, fit well with the job requirements and I am certain I could make a positive contribution to the company. In addition, my strong analytical skills would benefit the new direction the company is taking.

I would like to reiterate my enthusiasm for the position, it is just the sort of opportunity I have been looking for. I look forward to hearing from you once the final decisions are made regarding this position. Please feel free to call me at the telephone number listed above if I can provide you with any additional information.

Again, thank you for the interview and for your interest.


Candidate's signature
Typed name

Job Interview Thank You Note

For a short and sweet thank you letter to send after your interview go to Sample Interview Thank You Letter

Interview Follow Up Email

Sample Interview Thank You Letter 2

Candidate's Name
Your Address
Your City, State, Zip Code
Your Phone Number
Your Email

The date

Mrs Jane Jackson
Marketing Manager
Ballory Investments
City, State, Zip Code

Dear Mrs Jackson

Thank you for the opportunity to discuss the Executive Assistant position this morning. The interview gave me a thorough understanding of what is required by the the company and the position.

I feel confident that my strong administrative and customer service skills will benefit this position. I have extensive experience in all of the computer software packages that you use and I am sure that my efficiency will ensure your deadlines are met.

I enjoyed meeting the other staff and would consider it a privilege to be part of such a dedicated team.

As agreed, I will contact you by Tuesday of next week to get feedback. Again thank you for your time and consideration.


Candidate's signature
Typed name

How to follow up properly after your interview

Find out the 7 essential steps to take after the job interview

What do you say in a thank you letter after an interview?

These interview thank you pages will help you write the perfect thank you for your job interview.

Should I send an interview thank you letter after a second interview?

Always send a well written thank you letter after a second interview and continue to make the right impression. This sample second interview thank you is easy to personalize for your own use.

How do you write a thank you email?

Phone Interview Thank You Email

Best Interview Thank You Email

Job Interviews > Interview Thank You Letters > Formal Thank You Letter

Use the search box to find exactly what you are looking for.

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Most people don't send thank-you notes, but HR managers say it's an important part of So, should you send your post-interview letter by email or snail mail.

How to Write a Thank-You Letter After an Interview

thank you templates for interviews

“It was a pleasure speaking with you today. Thank you for the recommendation to read The Power of Less, maybe we can trade notes when you’re done with Tribes! We will be in touch about next steps soon.”

That was part of a reply I received to a post-interview thank you email I wrote to a VP of sales. Four hours after receiving that reply, I got a call from the recruiter offering me a job.

A month after I was hired, I had a one-on-one with that VP and the first question she asked me was about the books we recommended to each other.

Leading up to the thank you email, we had spent 40 minutes on the phone together talking through introductions, behavioral questions, and case studies to see if I was a good fit for the role. While that conversation factored into the decision, my answers weren’t what stood out in her mind.

It was the personal touch that stuck.

As a candidate, you want to be focused on two things during the job search:

  1. How can I build relationships with people who can influence the hiring decision
  2. How can I stand out from all of the other candidates vying for this job

The post interview thank you email is a highly effective (and incredibly easy) tactic that covers both bases. It’s also overlooked by 76% of job seekers. Talk about low hanging fruit!

After interviewing at dozens of companies with over 100 people, I’ve had the chance to send (and test) plenty of thank you notes. This article will walk you through the template I’ve found to be the most effective and helped me land jobs at leading companies like Google, Microsoft, Twitter, and more.

Why The Post-Interview Thank You Matters

Before we get technical, it’s important to understand why writing a thank you note is important in the first place.

Most people think their interview is over when they walk out of the building. Whether they absolutely crushed it or things didn’t go according to plan, it’s out of their hands now, right?

Not so fast.

Hiring managers at top companies pay very close attention to how and when their candidates follow up. Most are expecting some sort of thank you and failing to send one actually could cost you the job.

The data reveals that close to 80% of hiring managers feel that thank you notes are helpful when deciding between candidates. 22% of employers areless likely to hire a candidate who does not send a thank you and 91% actually like being thanked (imagine that!).

In addition to playing into your potential employer’s expectations, thank you notes are an easy way to stand out from the competition. Despite all of the data above, only 24% of job seekers actually take the time to send a thank you note after their interview.

Part 1: The Basics of a Great Thank You Email

Before we dive into our post-interview thank you email templates and examples, we’re going to walk through the fundamentals of sending a thank you note that will boost your chances of landing the job offer.

Should I Email, Call, Or Hit Them Up On Twitter?

If you run a Google search for “interview thank you notes,” you’ll get all sorts of suggested mediums for sending – email, phone calls, Twitter, text messages, and even hand written notes.

All of these can get the job done but we want to choose the method that’s going to make things fast and easy for the interviewer on the other end.

Rather than sliding into their DMs, the data shows that interviewers prefer receiving thank you notes via email (with phone calls coming in at a close second):

When you’re in the room on interview day, it’s much more natural to ask for someone’s email than their phone number. On top of that email allows you to spend time crafting your response and you can track your them using a tool like Yesware to help gauge interest.

For those reasons, I recommend sending all of your thank you notes via email.

“But what if I forgot to ask for their email and don’t have it?”

No problem! There are plenty of tools out there that make it super easy to track down someone’s email address. Two of my favorites are and All you need is the person’s full name and the link to their company’s website (so if they work at Tesla, it would be

After you’ve got your hands on their email, head over to Mail Tester and plug it in to verify that it exists on the company’s email server. If it does, you’re good to go!

If all else fails, you can always email your recruiter and ask them for the person’s contact info. Sure, it’s best to get it up front but you’re better off swallowing your pride to send your thank you email than sending nothing at all.

When Is The Best Time To Send Your Thank You?

This is a question I get a lot.

When it comes to following up with hiring managers, posting articles on social media, or sending breaking news to a contact, timing is everything and there is a science behind it.

When it comes to thank you notes, the golden rule is simple:

The Best Time To Send Your Thank You Note

Send your thank you as quickly as you can while still allowing yourself enough time to craft a quality email.

If you’re a numbers person, shoot for 30 minutes – 2 hours after the interview, but don’t pull your hair out if you can’t get it out until later in the day. Life gets in the way and it’s far more important to send it later then not send it at all.

What Subject Line Should You Use For Your Thank You Note?

Sometimes coming up with a subject line can be the hardest part of writing an email! In this case, you don’t need to go crazy — something short and to the point will do just fine. My recommendations are:

  • Thank you for your time today [Name]
  • Following up from our interview today
  • It was great speaking with you
  • Thank you!

Any of those will do the trick!

Finally, Proofread Everything!

Last, but certainly not least, is proofreading every single detail of your thank you email before you send it!

If you’re writing your thank you note in something like Gmail, I definitely recommend installing a plugin like Grammarly or Hemingway. They will catch any spelling errors and make suggestions for better grammar to help improve your writing.

Once you have your final draft in front of you, read it out loud! Then send it to a friend to get a double confirmation. If everything looks good after that, you’re all set to send!

Pro Tip: To help you save time and mistakes in the future, you can use a tool like RightInbox to create a pre-made email template out of your message. It’s a huge time saver because you only need to fill in specific fields and don’t have to worry about errors popping up from copy, pasting, and editing.

Part 2: Post-Interview Thank You Email Templates & Examples

Now that we’ve covered the basics of great thank you notes, we can dive into the science behind writing one that will stand out from the crowd and get you hired.

We’ll start by calling out two common thank you email templates that you should avoid. These are email templates that everyone ends up using because they’re easy and average. Our goal is to stand out — to zig while everyone else zags — which means we don’t want boring, boilerplate templates.

Next, I’ll walk you through the methodology behind my thank you email strategy. I’ll show you how to craft an email that will set you apart from the competition and bump you up on the interviewer’s short list. Then you can get a copy of my post-interview thank you email template along with several thank you email examples from real people in my community!

Two Common Thank You Email Templates To Avoid

Now that you know why, when, and how to send your thank you email, let’s dive into the science behind crafting an email that helps you build a relationship with your interviewer and stand out from other candidates.

We’ll start by looking at the mistakes most candidates make when sending their post-interview thank you emails.

When it comes to thank you’s, the most common formats tend to fall into two buckets:

Bad Email #1 (Don’t Use This!)

Dear Mr. Last Name:

I enjoyed speaking with you today about the assistant account executive position at [Company]. The job seems to be an excellent match for my skills and interests.

In addition to my enthusiasm, I will bring to the position strong writing skills, assertiveness, and the ability to encourage others to work cooperatively with the department.

I appreciate the time you took to interview me. I am very interested in working for you and look forward to hearing from you regarding this position.



This email showcases zero personality and is so painfully formal that it can actually come off as unprofessional. You just spent an hour in a room trying to build a relationship with this person, you want your thank you note to be a reflection of your conversation!

Here’s what the second most common email looks like:

Bad Email #2 (Don’t Use This Either!)

Hi Name,

Thank you for taking the time to meet with me today. I really enjoyed speaking with you about the position and am looking forward to next steps.


Your Name

While this is far better than Email #1, it leaves a lot on the table. Again, after chatting with someone for an hour, you should have a little bit more to say than “thanks, hope to hear from you soon!”

Remember, your thank you note is a huge opportunity for you to stand out, continue building a relationship with your interviewer, and cement that positive association in their mind.

We want to make sure we’re doing everything we possibly can to capitalize on those three things.

Click Below To Get My “Copy & Paste” Post Interview Email Template Completely Free:

Download A Free Copy Of My Proven Thank You Email Template

A Great Thank You Note Starts During The Interview

In order to maximize the value we deliver with our thank you note, we need to gather as much information as we possibly can during the interview.

These details come from the small talk you make before the interview starts, the conversations sparked by your answers or your resume, and the questions you ask your interviewer.

This is more of an art than a science and truly a case of practice makes perfect. Here are some pointers to get you started:

  • There is always a few minutes of small talk before the interview starts – use that to spark up a conversation. For example, if it’s a Monday or Tuesday, ask how their weekend went. If it’s Wednesday – Friday, ask if they have plans for the upcoming weekend.
  • If they begin talking, ask follow up questions. The longer you can get them to continue, the more information you get and the higher the odds of them creating a positive association with you in their brain.
  • At the end of the interview, have questions prepared (here’s a list of my favorites). I always end an interview by asking them about their personal life outside of work.

The more personal information you get during the interview, the more ammo you have to include in your thank you note.

Remember the response I quoted in the opening paragraph of this post?

That VP had asked me about a book I read recently that made an impact on me. As soon as I answered, I asked her the same question. I hadn’t read the book she mentioned, but I was very familiar with the author (Seth Godin).

I followed that up by asking her what she likes to read (“are you a non-fiction only kind of person?”) and how she finds the time to read with her crazy schedule.

Those two follow up questions sparked a conversation that lasted 15 minutes and helped me build a rapport.

In my thank you note, I mentioned that I ordered the book and appreciated the recommendation. A week later (after reading it), I followed up with her and mentioned my two favorite points the author made.

The mention in the thank you note helped me land the job and the follow up helped me start my new career with a fan in upper management.

The Most Effective Thank You Email Template

As mentioned above, I went on 50+ interviews and spoke to well over 100 people during the course of my job search. That meant a lot of thank you notes and, better yet, a lot of opportunity to test what format works best.

After all was said and done, the template below is the one my data showed to be most effective. I measured “effectiveness” by the percentage of people who replied as well my success rate for scoring a slot in the next round of interviews (or getting the offer).

Here’s why it works.

To start, we lead off with our “thank you.” It sounds dumb, but you’d be surprised at how many people fail to actually include the words “thank you” in their note (seriously, I see this a surprising amount with the people I coach). Instead of actually saying it, they imply it by saying stuff like “great chatting with you.”

People are busy, especially as you get further up the food chain. Their time is valuable and it goes a long way to acknowledge that. Don’t just imply it, write out the words!

Next, we make a point to show them that we listened and understood.

Full attention is a rare thing in today’s world and people like interviewers expect to get it from you. By recapping a point that you spoke about in your conversation, it shows that you were listening and engaged.

Bonus points if you add in an action you took based on the conversation, or share a relevant (and quality) piece of content!

Then, at the end of the email, we do the exact same thing by taking a personal angle in the PS. For best results, mention taking action against advice your interviewer gave you, illustrate your results, and finish with a follow up question.

This helps solidify your level of engagement in the interviewer’s mind and keeps the door open to continue the conversation and build the relationship.

Now that you understand why each piece of the thank you email puzzle is important, let’s check out a few examples of what an awesome post-interview thank you email looks like:

My Post-Interview Thank You Email Template & Examples

Click below to get a free copy of my proven Thank You email template, along with real-world examples of Thank You notes that worked. All you need to do is copy, paste, fill in the blanks, and hit send!

Click Below To Get My “Copy & Paste” Post Interview Email Template For Free:

Download A Free Copy Of My Proven Thank You Email Template



Austin is the founder of Cultivated Culture where he helps people land jobs without connections, without traditional experience, & without applying online. His strategies have been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, & Fast Company and has helped people just like you land jobs at Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Twitter, & more.

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thank you templates for interviews
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