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Wedding thank you to sister
June 08, 2019 Houseguest Thanks 4 comments

To My Sister On My Wedding Day Thank You Note Card! Wedding thank you cards for sister, bother, parents. ♥ a MUST HAVE for your Sister, Brother or Parents.

A bride has released a letter she wrote before her wedding 10 years ago expressing her anger toward her sister for getting engaged ahead of her special day.

The letter was shared on air in Ireland on RTE Radio 1’s Ryan Tubridy Show as part of a competition called “The Letter You Never Wrote,” The Mirror reports.

The anonymous woman details how furious she was at her sister, who was also a bridesmaid, for stealing the spotlight nearly two months before her wedding.

"Dear sister, it is now six and a half weeks to my wedding, I'll be spending this week putting together the invites and trying to get them off in the post. It's a very stressful time and I've had to compromise a lot of my wedding plans to suit people I don't even know. To top it all, I've spent the last two days crying over something that I shouldn't be," she wrote, per The Mirror.


"Now don't get me wrong, I'm very happy for you. I'm delighted that you've found someone who makes you happy and who you wish to spend the rest of your life with. But could you not have waited another six weeks before announcing your engagement?”

The anonymous woman goes on to say that you “only get engaged and married once” and that the run-up to her wedding should be a “special time” for her.

“Forgive me for being a bit of a bridezilla but the focus should be on me and my day, not you and your engagement," she wrote.

She claims she decided to write her feelings down and seal the letter away instead of sharing them now because “we’re not children anymore” and “life is not a competition.” Though she did note that she might “consider posting [the letter] after the wedding.

"I'm so hurt that neither you nor your fiancé thought for even one moment the impact it would have on me and mine, it should be our time to shine and celebrate our wedding, and you have thoughtlessly taken that away. You both will have your time in the future, I hope no-one does to you what you've done to me," she added.


She said she didn’t tell their parents because she didn’t want to take away any of her sister’s happiness or have her parents fight before the wedding.

"Too many people have helped me so far for my day to be overshadowed,” she said.

"So, dear bridesmaid, thank you for your thoughtlessness. Although I'm not really surprised."

A bride released an angry letter she wrote to her sister 10 years ago accusing her of stealing the spotlight. (iStock)

Michelle Gant is a writer and editor for Fox News Lifestyle.

This list of 25 best wedding program thank you message wording examples that will To all of our friends, family, and guests joining us to celebrate, thank you for are honored to have standing next to us these Christian brothers and sisters.

Wedding Thank-You Card Wording Samples You Can Easily Personalize

wedding thank you to sister

In a few days, I’m leaving for Prague and I can’t stop thinking about what kind of foundation I’ve built for myself.  About the people who have helped inspire, motivate and challenge me in my life along the way. About all of the life decisions I made, and life lessons I learned over these last five years that have played a part to get to where I am right now.

Sam Davidson, author of 50 Things Your Life Doesn’t Need and co-founder of Cool People Care, wrote about how no one does it alone.

“None of us get where we’re going alone.  There are certainly times of solitude and loneliness on the entrepreneurial, creative, artistic, professional and personal pathways, but we’re not really all by ourselves.  There is a crowd of people cheering you on, opening doors, and working behind the scenes.  The quicker that you recognize this the more motivated you’ll be to keep fighting to make all of your dreams come true.”

At the end of his post, Sam says:  “Say thanks to the people who get you where you’re going.”

It’s my last weekend in the States and I can’t think of a better time to say ‘thank you’ than right now.

To my oldest brother: thank you for being part of my foundation.  For all of the advice and wise words you’ve provided me over the last several years and all of the incredible strength you’ve forced me to see in myself.  I know that I am stronger and I am capable to do anything I set my heart to.

To my older brother: thank you for being another huge part in my foundation.  For being the one who keeps this family together at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Thank you for being my rock when I needed it the most and for supporting me through every decision I made.  But most of all, thank you for sacrificing three years of your own life right after Mom died so I could finish college, move to Philadelphia and build a life here.  I am forever grateful for that.

To my cousin Bob: thank you for taking care of me after Mom died.  For paying for my college books.  For letting me and my friends spend weekends at your lake house each summer.  For making sure I never lost track of my hopes and dreams and for making sure I fought for every single thing I ever wanted in life.

To my extended family: While I don’t see you as often as I would like, I want you to know that I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am today without your wonderful support and confidence in me.  You’ve provided me with a sense of strength and resiliency that very few could ever carry as well as I have.

To the man who couldn’t commit: thank you for those three years.  And while it wasn’t exactly the kind of relationship I desired, you showed me what love truly feels like. You allowed me to open up to someone and feel comfortable with exposing my true colors.  Oh, and thank you for introducing me to dek hockey because if it weren’t for you, I never would have played the sport.

To all of my hockey friends:  Thank you for allowing me to be part of the game.  Whether we’ve played together or against each other, it’s been an incredible experience and I never thought I could fall in love with a sport as much as I have with dek hockey.

To all of my ‘survivor sisters’: Thank you for being a part of my life.  For sharing your stories with me, and allowing me to share mine with you.  For joining forces and advocating for such an important cause.  For being able to just listen when I needed it. Every single one of you has a special place in my heart and I promise to continue advocating while I’m abroad.  Early detection and prevention saves lives.

To all of my one-night stands, late night flings, and the like: Thank you for those thirty seconds five minutes of pleasure.  It’s made for some great blog fodder.

To all of my former co-workers and managers: Thank you for the opportunity to be part of your law firm/company.  I’m grateful for the professional growth and challenges that have enriched my legal career.

To the Stratejoy tribe, my Season 4 sisters, and Molly: Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this wonderfulness.  Thank you for letting me be vulnerable about sharing my dark and damaged past,  and for leaving such wonderful, heartfelt comments.  Thank you for your support in my journey abroad.

To my two best girl friends:  Thank you for these last two years.  For all of the unforgettable memories, jokes, and one-liners.  For being so incredibly supportive of my decision to move to Prague (even though you’re in denial) and pushing me to make this life changing decision.  Thank you for wine and cheese nights, potluck dinners, and Sunday Funday brunches at Sabrina’s Cafe.  Thank you for being two of the most amazing women I know.

Last, but certainly not least, to my therapist:  Thank you (times a million) for helping me get to where I am right now.  Therapy saved my life.  And I promise to write that book one day.

So many people have helped me fight for the things I want in life and to make me realize that life is worth living and dreams can come true.  I’m going to keep fighting, keep living, and keep dreaming.

How many people have helped build your foundation?  Who would you like to thank?  Share it with me in the comments!

Until next week, when I finally land in Prague, I bid you all farewell from the States.

[Note from Coach Molly: What can I say?  I love that you took time to thank all those that have helped you along your journey.  And I’m so proud and privileged to have your here on Stratejoy!  Thank YOU for being you: brave and beautiful and vulnerable and strong. So excited to tag along on your next journey!]

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Beautiful Thank You Card Wording For All Occasions

wedding thank you to sister

‘Simple Sprigs’ thank you card by Minted

The wedding is finished and you can finally put your feet up and relax. Suddenly, youre reminded that you have one more major task to do before you can officially hang up your bridal veil – write wedding thank you cards!

Taking time to write thank you cards is an important final step in the wedding process. Each of your guests deserves recognition for the support they provided during this special time in your life. Unique wording for each thank you card allows you to express gratitude for the gifts you received.

Although hand-writing your wedding thank you cards can be a tedious and repetitive job, bringing on spurts of tendinitis, it is the perfect time to reminisce over each guest. Think about a joke you shared during the reception, something funny that happened at the ceremony, or just how much you appreciate the distance they traveled to be at your wedding.

What to Include in your Note?

The purpose of a thank you card is to make the receiver feel warm and fuzzy. Writing a thank you card to tell someone how much you loved their gift and company at the wedding is personal and endearing.

If you are anything like me, you will probably find an example of a thank you card that speaks to you (potentially in one of my examples below) and use similar wording over and over again. Ensure you include small tweaks to personalize the note.

Okay, 4% of you (one being my husband) are going to write individualized thank you cards, but don’t hate me because I am efficient!

Tips for how to Word Thank You Stationery:

  • First, thank the guest for the wedding gift!
  • Use your imagination and describe how you will use the gift. Don’t be vague. You want them to know you are talking about their gift. Writing, “Thank you for your wonderful gift, we are very excited to use it in our new kitchen,” could be speaking about any gift. Make sure they know you are talking about their gift. For example, “Thank you for the wok, our nightly stir-fry meals taste so much better!”
  • Four to five sentences are fine for thank you cards that are not sent to close family or friends.
  • Write a sentence about how you enjoyed seeing them at the wedding. Try to include something you remember about them that day. This could be a funny joke they told, how nice they looked in a specific color dress, or their killer dance moves!
  • If the guest sent you a gift, but were unable to attend in person, make sure to include regrets that they were not able to attend.
  • Reference a future visit together and how you will use their gift. For example, “We look forward to having you over for a drink using our new wine glasses!”
  • Finally, if you weren’t too fond of a gift you received, try to write primarily about the time at the wedding and less about the gift.

How To Word Wedding Thank You Cards

Example #1 – Guest who bought a gift from the bridal registry

Example #2 – Guest who did NOT give a gift from bridal registry

Mention how much you love the gift and how you can’t wait to use it regularly.

Example #3 – For guests who gave cash as a gift

You don’t have to write the dollar amount, but let them know how you will use the money.

Example #4 – For friends/coworkers that pooled resources for a group gift

Send each a thank you card, mentioning the ‘group gift’.

Example #5 – For a guest you do not know very well

Example #6 – For a guest who sent a gift, but wasn’t able to attend the wedding

Example #7 – Wording for a guest who gave a charitable donation

Example #8 – Wedding Thank You Wording for Your Bridal Party

Example #9 – Wedding Thank You Note Wording for Your Vendors

Example #10 – Wording for Guests Who Attended your Destination Wedding

Example #11 – Thank You Card Wording for a Gift You Want to Exchange/Return

It is always best to keep quiet about gifts you have exchanged or plan to return. In such cases, you don’t need to broadcast the situation or say how you’ll use it, instead just talk about the gift.

However, there are some circumstances that you may not have a choice and must admit to the gift giver that you won’t be keeping the gift, so as to avoid any future embarrassing moments. Here is the wording on how you might approach this situation.

Example #12 – Wedding Thank You Card wording for a gift you don’t like / can’t return

Lead with a positive tone, but don’t be fake or over-the-top commenting on the gift.

Example #13 – Flower Girl Thank You Card Wording

Closings and Signing off

Make sure to sign your thank you notes with a warm closing.

The following are all appropriate to use for close friends and family:

  • “Love”
  • “With love”
  • “Lots of love”
  • “Love Always”
  • “Much love to you”
  • “Love and thanks”

Some good choices for friends of your parents or work friends:

  • “Sincerely”
  • “Best”
  • ” Yours Truly”
  • “Fondly”
  • “Warmest Thanks”
  • “Gratefully”
  • “Best Always”


Back in the old country, it was traditional for the author of the card to sign the card. Nowadays, some couples choose to sign the card using each of their names. Whatever floats your boat!

Just make sure that if you both sign the bottom of the card, you write the card in first person plural. For example, “We were thrilled that you were able to attend our wedding.”

Do’s and (One) Don’t

  • Do put your new return address on all thank you cards.
  • Do thank guests in separate cards for separate presents. If you receive a shower gift from a family member, and then 2 weeks later receive a wedding gift, it is not appropriate to thank them for both gifts using one card.
  • Do use either black or blue ink to write your wedding thank you cards.
  • Do try and use the word ‘you’ more than ‘I’ or ‘me’ when writing out your notes. Do not start the note with the word ‘I’.
  • Do splurge on thank you stationery (within reason). As a newlywed couple you want to be proud of your married status. Buy some luxury thank you cards. Better yet, get them monogrammed with your newlywed initials!
  • Do try to follow tradition. In general the woman’s name should go first. If you are planning on using your full names it should be “Kristen and Thomas” or initials “K+T” or “K&T”. Same sex couples: time to play a crucial game of rock-paper-scissors!
  • Do evenly split the thank you card writing task. The groom can write his share of thank you cards as well.
  • Do set a date for when you want your thank you cards finished. Don’t forget to reward yourself along the way!
  • Do send both sets of parents a thank you card and acknowledge their support, love, and any money they provided to pull off this once in a life time event. If you have any money left over in your wedding budget, sending thank you flowers is also nice.
  • Do thank your wedding vendors. They appreciate handwritten notes and love sharing them with future clients. Try and send thank you notes to vendors within a month after the wedding.
  • DO NOT send a pre-printed thank you card (except in special circumstances). Thank you cards are a handwritten expression of gratitude for attending your wedding and how much you appreciate a wedding gift.

I hope this makes the process of ordering, sending, and how to word wedding thank you cards a little less painful.

So, what’s next?

Oh, we’ve got no shortage of things to do around here…

Our experts share their advice on what to write in a wedding thank you card. We feel so grateful to [have you as a friend/sister/neighbor, to call you family.

25 Thank You Sister Notes That She Will Be Happy to Receive

wedding thank you to sister

Thank You Note For Sister/ Thank You Messages For Sister/ Thank You Wordings For Sister/ Sample Thank You Note For Sister

When you needed someone, your sister was there. What message will you write on that card on Sister’s Day, her birthday, or just any day when you need to show her how thankful you are? 

Here are some suggestions if you are at loss for words. Read on to find the perfect thank you messages for sister. Also check our collection of perfect gift ideas for sister  and photobook title ideas for Sister.
  • Nothing compares to the joy of having a sister like you. Thank you for always being there beside me through thick and thin. 

  • To my best friend, my confidante, and my partner in crime. Thank you for everything, my dear sister. 

  • Since you came into this world, our home was transformed into a haven of joy and laughter. Your smile and bubbly character never fail to cheer us up. Thank you for being yourself, little sister. You are truly one of a kind. 

  • To the only person in the world who knows me and still loves me despite my idiosyncrasies, thank you. You are the best sister in the world. 

  • If not for you, I will never be the person I am now. I owe my success to you. Thank you for your unwavering support and sacrifices. I will never ever forget you, sis. I love you forever. 

  • I may not always say it; but my heart is always overflowing with gratitude for you, my sister. This time I want the whole world to know that I have the best sister of all. Thank you for everything. 

  • You’re not only my sister, you are also my guiding light, my defender, and my help in time of need. Thank you for being there when I need you the most. I love you always. 

  • I am bossy, messy, and such a loud-mouthed creature; but you have always been the patient one in the family. If not for you, mom and dad may have kicked me out of the house a long time ago. Thank you, sis for being the pacifying angel that you are. 

  • Thank you, my sister, for accepting me for who I am, for respecting my life choices, and for being the wind beneath my wings.                                           

  • They say we are opposites, but what the heck? We go together well like yin and yang. We have our differences that make us uniquely special. Thank you for being true to yourself and for your endless tolerance of my weirdness. You truly are unequalled. 

  • All these years, you never cease to amaze me with your surprises. Thank you for being so creative. 

  • You are the life of the party and I am proud to be your sister. I hope you will always stay that way. 
  • Thank you for staying with the kids while I was away on vacation. I am so grateful for having a caring and patient sister who understands me when I am almost at breaking point. Hey, are you free this weekend? Let’s go on a date. Hubby will take care of the kids. 
  • Thank you for patiently listening to my endless rants on the phone and for not interrupting me when I am blowing off steam. It is a huge blessing to have a sister like you who is ready to listen during those moments. 
  • I never realize how much you have done for me until we’re no longer together. Thank you for everything, my dear sis. I miss you so much. 
  • When no one stood by me, you were there. I can never thank you enough for being my ever supportive sister. I love you to the moon and back! 

Thank You Note For Brother/ Thank You Messages For Brother/ Thank You Wordings For Brother/ Sample Thank You Note For Brother

Sometimes we fail to thank the people who are closest to us. It may be time to say a message of thanks to your brother. Whether it’s brother’s day or just about any day, it is always a good practice to be grateful. Here are sample thank you messages for your brother you can use.
  • Thank you, my big brother for being born ahead of me. It is a blessing to have someone to count on. I always feel safe when you are around. 

  • Your words of encouragement kept me going. I held on to your advices while as I went through the ordeal of college life. Thank you for your unending support to. To you I dedicate my success. 

  • I was away; but you were there for Dad and Mom. Thank you for taking the huge responsibility of caring for them during my absence. Words will never be enough to show my appreciation to you. I will see you soon, dear brother. 

  • There is no other brother in the world more loving and caring than you. Thank you for your sacrifices. You have worked hard do that I can fulfill my dreams. I am forever grateful to you. 

  • Even though we don’t get to see each other as often now, I would like you to know how thankful I am for having you as my brother. Your generosity knows no bounds. I continue to receive your support from halfway around the world. Thanks, bro. 

  • Dear brother, thank you for defending me from bullies this afternoon. If not for you I would have been in the ER already. You are the best! 

  • All these years, you have always been my rock and my shield. You kept me away from harm and guided me with your advices. I would not be who I am now if not for you. Thank you! 

  • We argue, we fight over big and small things, and we sometimes hate each other’s guts. But nothing can ever negate the fact that we are brothers. We are part of each other. Because of that, we are awesome as ever. Thank you for being such a natural.                                               

  • I almost gave up; but you didn’t give up on me. You have opened my eyes to help me realize that I can make my dreams into reality. Because of you, I will continue to fight the battle and will keep on living. Thank you, brother. 

  • It is better now or never. I say thank you for all that you are and all that you have done for me while you can still read and hear. For what is this worth if you are gone? Thank you for everything. Let’s seize the day. 
  • Thank you, little brother, for coming to our lives. I always seem to bicker and fight with you, but that just my way of showing I adore you so much. You bring happiness to the family. I hope you stay that way. 
  • You are my first male best friend, my defender, and my back up whenever I screw things up. I am forever thankful that you are my brother. 
  • You came at the perfect time. If not for you, I am a lonely weasel in the family. Thank you being my brother. I am proud to show that to the world. 
  • Nothing compares to having the greatest brother in the world. Thank you for being my brother. 
  • You have shown and lived the true meaning of brotherly love. I can never begin to count how many times you have encouraged me in your own unique way. Thank you, dear brother. 

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wedding thank you to sister
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