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Thank u for being my dad
March 14, 2019 Kids Thanks 5 comments

Thank You for Being My Dad is a song by Jon Barker. This page provides information about the song and links to the lyrics and the official video.

Sometimes it is hard to find a way to tell your father how much he has impacted your life, how important he is. These messages are only some of the ways you can let him know.

Conveying gratitude, respect and love when saying the simple words “Thank You dad” to your father goes a long way. The sacrifices they make, and the worry fathers harbor for your sake should never be allowed to go unnoticed.

You can make your old man feel like a million bucks, with a few simple words. Here are 40 heartfelt “Thank You dad” messages for your father:

Thank you dad messages that every dad will surely feel touched


01“I could not have wished for a better friend, companion, and father. Thank you dad.”



02“You have always been there for me in time of need. Even when I didn’t know who to turn to, or when I didn’t know who to trust, you were always there.”


03“If not for you, I would not be where I am today. You have always shown me you care and have supported me like a pillar through everything. Thank you dad.


04“I am at a loss for words when I try to express what you mean to me. I couldn’t have wished for a better mentor. Thank you dad.”



05“People say I am a chip off the old block, a smaller version of you. , and I couldn’t be prouder – I hope you are too. Thank you, dad.”


06“I remember when you would sing me songs, tuck me in at bedtime, read me poems and stories. Daddy, thank you for all you have done for me.”


07“I want to always keep the memories we’ve made, both the good and bad ones. I hope to learn from them and use them when I have children of my own. Thank you for your tutoring. You made me who I am.”


08“Your love for me is forever engraved in my heart, forever lingering in my mind, and forever mine to cherish. Thank you dad.”



09“All those times you would take me by the hand and correct me, every moment you spent scolding me just to make me right. Thank you dad. I really appreciate it.”


10“At times when I wanted to give up or was confused about my life’s ambition or career, you struggled through it all with me. You stood with me even when I needed to just be still. Thank you dad.”


11“I have learned never to give up. I always have your words with me, they lift me up when I am down and life struggles get to me. Thank you dad.”


12“All you have taught me has become the foundation of my very being. Your words have given me stepping stones when I have lost my path. Thank you, dad.”



13“There aren’t many superhero’s, but lucky for me – I have one as my dad. You are the best.”


14“I always thought fathers were only needed by kids, but even in my adult life, you are still here with me. How blessed I am to have you. Thank you dad.”
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15“I promise to always live by your tutoring and corrections; never to disappoint you. I will always do my best to make you proud. Thank you dad.”


16“Lucky me to have the world’s best dad. I see some other fathers and I know I am blessed to have you.”



17“I have allowed to many years and too much time go by without saying thank you for believing in me unconditionally, and for always giving me a shoulder to cry on. Thank you, dad.”


18“No matter how old I grow, even if I become a parent myself, I will always be your little girl/boy, and you will always be my daddy.”



19“All the time, pain and effort it took you to instill discipline and success in me, I promise, will not be in vain. Thank you dad.”


20“To my teacher, my tutor, my protector, and my best friend: thank you for being all these to me and more dad.”



21“Thank you for giving me the gift of life, and for giving me the privilege of knowing what it feels like to be loved unconditionally. I love you dad.”


22“If I could keep a penny for every time I misunderstood your love for me, I would have been rich. Thank you dad for always being understanding and patient with me.”
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23“I hope I am as good as you when I become a parent. How blessed my kids would be; I will try my best, just as you have taught me. Thank you dad.”


24“Sorry for the times I was rude to you and when I stupidly tried to prove that I knew more than I did, thank you for everything, always.”


25“From the core of my heart, I thank you, for all the times I felt blue and down, for making me laugh and for laughing with me. I love you dad.”



26“So many things I have learned from you. Going through life with you as my guide is like walking on sunshine, with nothing to fear. Thank you dad.”


27“You have the most remarkable way of showing me love. Even at times when I argue with you, deep down inside, I know I am lucky to have you. Thank you dad.”


28“Daddy, you are the most important asset in my life, you treat me like a winner even at times when I feel dejected. Thank you, dad”


29“From the very first moments in my life you have been with me, from my first step to the first time I learned to ride a bike, you have been my biggest supporter. Every step of the way never letting me down. Thank you dad.”



30“I was counterproductive by acting all-knowing and rebellious; you quietly and patiently put me back on track. No other person in the world can do that for me. Thank you dad.”


31“So many life principles I have learned from you dad. Some I understand now, some I know I will understand when the time comes. Thank you for imparting your wisdom to me.”


32“I cant count the sacrifices you have made for me. Tirelessly trying to do everything right by me. Thank you dad. I am forever grateful.”



33“I once read that anyone who finds a magic lamp has 3 genie-wishes. Fortunately for me, you fulfill all my wishes over and over again. Who needs a genie when I have you? Thank you dad.”


34“They say the first steps one takes in life are the most important. I am lucky you were with me to teach me. Thank you dad.”
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35“I cannot begin to imagine all the dreams you had to give up for me. And you smile at me without regrets. Thank you so much dad.”


36“I know we are not very rich, but against all odds, you have supported my dreams and life pursuits. Thank you so much dad. I love you.”



37“Sometimes I think I am old enough to guide myself; now I realize I can never be old enough to do without you. Please never let me go. Thank you dad.”


38“I know you have missed so many vacations and foregone a lot of pleasures for me, for all you have shelved for my sake I say thank you”


39“Not all superheroes wear capes, you dad, are my superhero. Thank you dad.”



40“At my grouchiest and worst of times, you appeared like a guardian angel to wipe away all my frowns. Thank you dad.”


“Thank you for being the best Father in the world and also my most loyal and sincere friend. Congratulations!” Category:Thanks messages to my Dad on.

Thank You Dad

thank u for being my dad

To My Daddy-

Thank you for showing me what hard work is. For putting in more hours than any person should, both at work and at home. I am blessed that I always had everything I needed, and so much of what I wanted. That would not have been possible without you. You showed me that the world doesn't stop running; even when you are sick, tired, or just need a break. There are always bills to pay, events to save for, and dreams to accomplish. If I know what hard work is, it is because of you.

Thank you for the midnights. For carrying me from the couch to my room when you got home from work. For running from one town to another when I forgot my medicine at a friends house. For answering your phone, every single time I call. No matter what you're doing, or ridiculous hour of the night it is. You always answer. If I know who to depend on, it is you.

Thank you for the life lessons. For every time you preached them, and I let it go in one ear and out the other. At least I remembered them when it was critical. "Save your money, pay your bills, get an education. Never let a man rule your life." (Whoo, that one came in handy.) "Check the oil on your car. Learn how to cook." If I know how to get through life, it is from you.

Thank you for not letting me off easy. For holding me accountable, even when it was so difficult for both of us. For not bailing me out, and letting me find my own way. For yelling at me and pushing me even when I hated you for it. Without you, I wouldn't have graduated. I wouldn't know how to make ends meet when I'm down to a dollar to my name. If I know how to fall down nine times but get back up ten it is because of you.

Thank you for loving me. Even when I was a teenager saying those awful phrases teenagers shout at their parents before slamming a door. Even when I didn't listen to a word you had to say. Even when I found my own path which was a roller coaster that wound and twisted and even went backward a few times, instead of staying the straight and narrow. If I know what unconditional love is, it is from you.

Thank you for being proud of me. When I was performing on stage, and it was one of the very few times you ever cried. When I passed my GED after so many hours of hard work. I will never forget the sound of your voice (through tears) telling me how proud you were. If I know what an amazing dad is, I know it's you.

So thanks, Dada. For every time you were there. Whether it was something big or small. I am so grateful, proud, and happy to be your little girl. You're the best dad I got!

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Sweet Thanks Messages For My Dad On Father’s Day | Father’s Day Greetings

thank u for being my dad

Thank You For Being My Dad

Posted: August 22, 2011| Author:Sophie Doell|Filed under:Song Of The Day|

I stumbled upon the song “Thank You For Being My Dad” by Jon Barker (2006) while looking for another song on Youtube.  I’m so glad for this accidental find, and that I took a listen to it, because it’s such a touching song, and because it’s how I feel toward my Dad.  Those of you who know my life story are probably wondering, how so when your father abused you and abandoned you?

It is true that I wasn’t fortunate enough to have had an earthy father who loved me like this song writer’s dad loved him, and there was a time when songs like this would bring me tremendous sadness of an unfulfilled longing to be loved and cherished.  It’s true that I would never be able to say the words in this song about my father.  That deep longing to be loved made me vulnerable as I grew from a child into a young women and I got into a codependent relationship with a person who was abusive and controlling (but I couldn’t see it at the time).  Long story short, that relationship left me so broken and wounded, I didn’t want to live anymore and tried to end my life.   That was when God intervened, and my life began again with my new Dad.

It has been 27 years now, and I have come to know a God who loves me better than anyone on earth can.   He found me broken and hopeless, and He adopted me into His family and gave me a home.   He gave me security by showing me time and time again that I can never do anything to push Him away.  He taught me much about life and love.  He taught me to forgive, first myself and then others.    He healed the wounds in my heart.   All the sadness has been replaced with peace, and all my longing to be loved has been fulfilled.   I have a hope for a new start each and everyday.  I truly am a different person now than I was before this new life began.  I am who I am today because of Him and His love.

As a mother, I am thankful for the healing my Dad has done in me, so I can parent my children from wholeness instead of brokenness.  I hope I am modeling God’s gracious unconditional love to my children, and I hope that they too, will come to know God’s love as well as I do.  Hopefully I have been able to give them a good foundation so that they won’t become as vulnerable to others’ manipulation as I once had been.   And I am very thankful that my Dad has given my children a truly wonderful earthly father.  I am very glad that my children will be able to wholeheartedly say the words of this song to their daddy.

Thank You For Being My Dad

Music & Lyrics by Jon Barker
(You can contact Jon Barker through his website

A son rarely tells his Father 
How he really feels,
A handshake or a pat on the back 
is all that he reveals,
I’d like to right that wrong,
Here in this little song.

Thank you for shaping my life,
Thank you for teaching me all you can,
You are no ordinary man,
You make me everything I am.

Thank you for taking the time,
Thank you for showing me the way,
And thank you for being there
 when I need you,
Thank you for every single day.

Now I’ve been blessed with a son of my own,
Got my own bedtime stories to tell,
If I can raise him half as well
 as you raised me,
Guess I’ll be doing pretty well.

Thank you for your guiding hand,
Thank you for making my dreams come true,
You’re an extraordinary man,
And I hope you’re as proud of me
As I am proud of you.

Thank you for giving me life,
Thank you for showing me good from bad.
I guess I’m only really trying to say,
Thank you for being my Dad.

Even though the years drift away,

I never took the time just to say,
‘I love you, and I always have,
And thank you for being my Dad.’

‘Thank you for being my Dad.’

Like this:



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thank u for being my dad

Send cute Father’s Day phrases

What to write in a Father’s Day card ? Sometimes we can see our Father as a man of strong character, brave and full of determination, but we know very well that inside he has a heart full of tenderness, love and good feelings.

When Father’s Day arrives, we can feel very blessed to have at our side the man who gave us life, so we must congratulate him in a special way, so why do not you start by congratulating him with some nice words?

In this section you will find a summary of fresh and original phrases, perfect to wish many congratulations to your beloved Dad by the way you prefer.

Look for beautiful love thank you messages for Father’s day

– “Thank you for being the best Father in the world and also my most loyal and sincere friend. Congratulations!”
Category :Thanks messages to my Dad on Father’s day

– “I ask God to pour his most precious blessings on you, not only on this Father’s Day but all the days of your existence. I love you so much, Dad!”
Category :Thanks messages to my Dad on Father’s day

– “God blessed me by giving me a wonderful Father, but I would love him to give me a very special wish, you may be by my side forever. Congratulations on your Day!”
Category :Thanks messages to my Dad on Father’s day

– “I do not have an expensive gift to give you on this day, but what I am going to give you, I will give with all my love and with a big hug. Happy Day Dad!”
Category :Thanks messages to my Dad on Father’s day

Sweet Father’s day messages to Dad

– “I’m going to put a lot of kisses and hugs inside a box and I’ll send them to you, so that you can enjoy them personally. I wish you a Happy Day, my pretty Daddy! “
Category :Sweet Whatsapp love messages for my Dad

– “Having your unconditional support and enjoying all your love is a privilege that not even all the money in the world can purchase. Thank you for being a wonderful Father!
Category :Sweet Whatsapp love messages for my Dad

– “I don’t only owe you my life; I owe you what I am now because you have taught me through your words and your example. Congratulations on your Day!”
Category :Sweet Whatsapp love messages for my Dad

– “Thousands of thanks to you, the best Father of all, for having been at my side accompanying me in both good and bad times.”
Category :Sweet Whatsapp love messages for my Dad

Look for beautiful wishes for Father’s day

– “I will always be grateful to you for your love, for your patience, for your unconditional support and above of all for your understanding. I love you with all my heart and I will repeat it you every day!
Category :Best wishes for my Dad on father’s day

– “In your arms there are always space for a strong hug and in your mouth will always be words of encouragement and consolation accompanied with a lot of affection. Happy Day, my dear Dad!”
Category :Best wishes for my Dad on father’s day

– “Even if the passage of time has left some gray hair I can realize that you are still radiating the same joy and your eyes have the same brightness. Happy Day, Dad!”
Category :Best wishes for my Dad on father’s day

We have no doubt that your Dad will be very happy in that precise moment in which he receives your congratulations.

We hope that you come back to visit us soon, remember that here you will always find many new messages to share.

Nice thanks messages for
my Dad on Father’s Day

On this Father’s Day let your Dad know all the gratitude you feel for all the love and care that he has offered you since you were born.

If your father usually gets up very early to go to work and deliver the best to you and yet always manages to have some time to spend with you, then show him your gratitude on this special day as it is Father’s Day.

Next we present a list of messages for you to thank your Dad. He will be thrilled when he reads these beautiful phrases.

What to write in a Father’s day card

– “I feel very grateful to you father because since I was born you have been with me. You are a great man whom I admire very much and I wish you all the best on this Father’s Day. “
Category :Thanks messages for Father’s day cards

– “I know I am lucky for each and every one of the beautiful moments I have spent by your side dear father, you are a great human being. May God bless you and may you have a beautiful Father’s Day. “
Category :Thanks messages for Father’s day cards

– “You have always shown great affection and have treated me with love. It is a great blessing to be your daughter and I am very grateful to you. Congratulations on this Father’s Day. “
Category :Thanks messages for Father’s day cards

– “I want to let you know how grateful I am for each of the teachings and lessons you have given me. You have been with me in good times and bad times to give me your support and guidance. Have a happy Father’s Day. “
Category :Thanks messages for Father’s day cards

Happy Fathers day love messages from daughter

– “In this special date I want to say that I feel very lucky to have a Father like you, the great love you give me and your advice is the best treasure I can have. Congratulations on this Father’s Day. “
Category :Love messages from daughter

– “I am very lucky to be your son, remember the beautiful days of my childhood playing with you. You have always been and will continue to be a great example to follow. May this Father’s Day be unforgettable for you. “
Category :Love messages from daughter

– “All the words in the world would not be enough to express how grateful I am for being the daughter of a man as wonderful as you. I love you very much, have a happy Father’s Day. “
Category :Love messages from daughter

Happy Fathers day love messages with images

– “You’ve always strived so that we have everything we need and thus have shown us how important it is to provide unconditional love to our loved ones. I love you so much, have a happy Father’s Day. “
Category :Happy Father’s day images

– “On this special day I want to take this opportunity to thank you for everything you have given me, you are a great father and even until now that I am grown you still worry about my welfare. I wish you all the best on this Father’s Day. “
Category :Happy Father’s day images

– “I thank you for your endless love and all the sacrifice you have made throughout your life to give the best to me and my siblings. I send a big hug to you as you are the best father of all. Many congratulations on this day. “
Category :Happy Father’s day images

We are sure you have liked several of these messages to thank your father, so undoubtedly your father will like them too.

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WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: Bon Jovi - Thank You For Loving Me (Lyrics)

This is for the dads who show up. This is for the dads who feel helpless and scared as they watch their babies enter the world, but wouldn't be.

thank u for being my dad
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