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Thanks for the compliment letter
September 06, 2019 Kids Thanks 4 comments

We all like to be noticed and acknowledged for our accomplishments. So you would think accepting a compliment should be pretty simple. Someone says.

When someone does you a favor or gives you something, it is important to show them that you appreciate what they have done. You can personally thank them. However, when circumstances prevent you from doing so, you can thank them through a letter. Letters can convey your gratitude as much as a verbal conversation can.

When looking for thank-you letters to send to other people, browse through our sample letters below. These letters are made in the proper letter format so you won’t have to worry about it. They are also specially made to show how much you appreciate their kind act. Take a look at our samples below.

Formal Thank You Letter Formats

Formal Personal Thank You Letter

Business Thank You Letter Formats

Standard Business Thank You Letter

Thank You Letter Format for Business Meeting

Personal Thank You Letter Format

Personal Thank You Letter to Friend

Job Interview Thank You Letter Formats

Email Job Interview Thank You Letter

Sample Job Interview Thank You Letter

Email Thank You Letter Formats

Email Thank You Letter after Interview

Email Thank You Letter Format

The Importance of Thank-You Letters

It is a norm that when we are given something or when someone does a favor for us, we always say thank you. This is basic courtesy. You do not want to be seen as rude or ungrateful. For a more formal way of saying thank you, you can put it into writing through a thank-you letter. You can say thank you to someone for a lot of reasons. Lucky for you, we got it covered as we have samples for a number of different situations. Check out our sample thank-you letters to teacher, thank-you letter after interview, etc. Whatever the situation is, you would always need to express gratitude to the people who have affected you in any way. Below are some important uses of thank-you letters.

  • Thank-you letters help strengthen relationship with others. Rapport is easily built when you express your gratitude to someone. Through saying thank you, you strengthen the bond between you and the other person. Thank-you letters are a more personal way of saying your appreciation, so it shows how much you value your relationship with them.
  • Thank-you letters show your empathy. Empathy is an attitude where you can identify with the feelings of others. By giving a thank-you letter, you show the other person that you are empathetic. This further shows that you care about their feelings and that their views are also important.
  • Thank-you letters are common courtesy. By this time, you would think that people understand that it is common courtesy to say “Thank you.” However, with the way things are happening these days, one could even conclude that expressing gratitude is a lost art. More and more people are foregoing this simple act of courtesy.
  • Thank-you letters are good for the brain. Saying thank you is actually good for the brain. When you express your gratitude, the feeling of being thankful is still present in the brain even after several months. Having a thankful attitude provides some good psychological benefits to your overall well-being.

Handwritten, Typed, or Emailed Thank-You Letters?

When writing a thank-you letter, you are often faced with a variety of options on how to do it. You can either write a handwritten letter, a typed thank-you letter, or an emailed thank-you letter. Each way of writing a thank-you letter has an appropriate situation when they will be used. For example, when writing to a friend that gave you a gift, it may be better if you handwrite the letter. This gives a more personal feel, appropriate to the personal relationship that you have.

In the same way, when given an interview at a software company, you might consider sending an emailed thank-you letter to fit with the technological nature of the work you are applying at. However way you want to write your thank-you letter, our samples provide a useful guide in your writing.

Official Thank You Letter Formats

Sample Official Thank You Letter

Thank You Letter Format Examples

Scholarship Thank You Letter Example

Business Thank You Letter

Thank You Letter Formats after Interview

Professional Thank You Letter after Interview

Email Thank You Letter after Interview

Thank You Letters for Scholarship

College Scholarship Thank You Letter Format

Sample Scholarship Thank You Letter

Thank You Cover Letter Formats

Thank You Cover Letter for Job Interview

Sample Thank You Cover Letter

The Thank-You Letter Format

Thank-you letters can be written in a variety of ways. When you are sending a casual thank-you letter to, say, a friend who took care of the bill while you were both out for dinner, then you can be casual in your approach to writing. However, when writing a thank-you letter to a company for the chance they gave to interview you, then you would need to be professional in writing the letter. When writing a thank-you letter, you would need to follow the formal letter format.

All the usual details you would see in a business letter should also be present in a thank-you letter. This means that the heading consisting of the return address and the date should be there. In the salutation, it would help if you personally address the person you are thanking. You would also need to provide the correct title (e.g., Mr., Mrs., Dr., Atty., etc.). For the body of the letter, three to four paragraphs are usually enough to effectively convey your gratitude to the other person. Make sure that you provide an appropriate complimentary close and then provide a space for your name and signature.

Make sure that you use a clean paper for your letter. It could be a handwritten or typed thank-you letter but make sure that the paper is clean and of high quality. The letter needs to be concise. One page is enough for a thank-you letter. Be sure to also proofread the thank-you letter numerous times to make sure that there are no errors in spelling and grammar. Proper spacing should be observed when writing the letter. For the body, single-space is often the way of doing it, and double-space in between paragraphs. Proper formatting needs to be observed in writing the letter. They are important letters, so proper letter format needs to be followed.

Using Thank-You Letter Samples and Templates

We provide samples and templates that you can use as guide in writing your own letter. We make sure that our samples and templates are made with their purpose in mind. Our thank-you letter samples for instance are sure to effectively achieve the goal of sending your deep gratitude and appreciation to the person you are sending it to. When writing one, they greatly save your time by having readily available and easily customizable samples that you can use.

The samples that we provide serve as useful guides in your own writing. By looking at our sample thank-you letters, you can easily decide what contents you need to put in your letter. They are a perfect tool to draw inspiration from. They also come in the right format so you don’t have to worry about formatting. The templates and samples that we have here help you in making the perfect layout for your thank-you letter. When using these samples, all you have to do is edit the message found in it to fit your needs.

Thank You Letter Format for Students

Thank You Letter for Students from Teacher

Thank You Letter for Student Volunteers

General Thank You Letters

General Thank You Letter for Interview

General Thank You Letter for Donation

Informal Thank You Letter Formats

Informal Thank You Letter to Boss

Reference Thank You Letters

Phone Reference Thank You Letter

Job Reference Thank You Letter

Volunteer Thank You Letter Formats

Event Volunteer Thank You Letter

School Volunteer Thank You Letter

How to Write a Thank-You Letter

Thank-you letters need to be written carefully so that your message is not misunderstood. In written communication especially, certain things often get lost in translation. For the thank-you letter to effectively do its purpose, which is to extend your gratitude and appreciation to the other person, it helps if you really do feel that way so that words flow freely and you are able to convey the message. Below are the steps you need to follow when writing a thank-you letter.

  • Write your salutation. In writing the salutation, you would need to personally address the person you are thanking. You also need to provide their correct title. For the most part, the usual “Dear (person’s name)” will do.
  • Write the first paragraph. The first paragraph is the part where you let them know why you are writing the letter—to thank them. Therefore, you need to go directly to that point. Thank the person right away and explain what you are thankful for.
  • Write the second paragraph. The second paragraph is usually the place where you would express why the gift is important or why what they did matters to you. Tell them how much you appreciate what they did. No matter how trivial you may think the act or gift is, it is important that you take note of the effort that was exerted by the other person.
  • Wrap things up in the third paragraph. Now that you have expressed how thankful you are to the other person, it is now time to also show that you care for them. Ask them questions about how they are doing. As a closing note, be sure to thank them again and that you look forward to meeting them and saying thanks personally.
  • Close the letter and sign it. For a complimentary close, you can never go wrong with the usual “Sincerely yours,” but for close personal relations, you can be as creative in your closing salutations as you can (e.g., “Much Love,” “All My Love,” etc.). Don’t forget to sign the letter.

You can never underestimate the power of a simple thank-you letter. The person reading it would feel appreciated and the person sending the letter would feel lighter just with the act of paying gratitude. We provide you sample thank-you letters that effectively do their job and are in the right format. Never worry about writing letters again and check out our samples.

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Compliment following Safe & Well Visit in the Ludlow area .. Thank you letter from the Director of Adult Services and Housing,Shropshire Council to the Chief.

How to Reply to a Thank You Letter

thanks for the compliment letter

Most people love to be noticed, but few know how to accept a compliment gracefully. Instead, they downplay the compliment or reject it entirely.

When you receive a compliment from someone you admire, your first reaction may be to deflect the attention. For example, when a friend expresses their gratitude for your help, you may be prone to redirect the compliment and respond with something like, "Oh, I wasn't that helpful. Anyone could have done it."

That response downplays your role and insults the person who paid you the compliment in the first place. When you deny, deflect or self-insult, others may misinterpret your actions and think of you as ungrateful or insecure.

Gratitude is the only acceptable way to acknowledge someone's kind remarks. Sincere thankfulness won't give off the appearance of pride or vanity. Instead, it shows you acknowledge a person's recognition and appreciation.

Whenever you receive a compliment or accolade, but don't know what to say, use these tips to accept compliments with grace.

Humbly say, "Thank you." It is the simplest phrase you can say, but it sends a powerful message. It is unassuming, humble and shows your gratitude. When you receive a compliment, say something like, "Thank you, I appreciate your kind words."

Don't try to one-up a compliment. Avoid the temptation to "out-compliment" someone. You may feel inclined to say, "Thank you, but everyone knows your contributions were much more valuable than mine." Simply embrace the moment and show your gratitude.

Mind your nonverbal cues. Body language is a powerful communication tool. If your body language doesn't match your words, you may send the wrong message. Crossed arms or casual posture may be misinterpreted as disinterest. Use direct eye contact to engage the person with whom you're speaking. Lean slightly forward and smile when you receive someone's praise.

Acknowledge your team's effort. When you receive recognition for something you did with others, acknowledge their work. For example, if you co-host a bridal shower with a friend, publicly recognize her effort. As people leave the event, say something like, "I'm so glad you enjoyed the party. I'll pass your kind words along to Sarah, who helped plan the event."

Follow proper protocol. If you receive an award at a public ceremony, accept the award with your left hand. This will allow you to hold the trophy, plaque or certificate and leave your right hand free to shake hands. Show humility and gratitude when you thank those who congratulate you.

Receive toasts with grace. If someone pays you a compliment in the form of a toast, don't drink from your glass at the end of the speech. It's the equivalent of patting your own back or singing "Happy Birthday" at your own party. The best course of action is to nod your head in acknowledgement and smile. When everyone has enjoyed a sip of their beverage, stand and offer a toast in return.

For more etiquette and gratitude tips, visit Jacqueline Whitmore's blog or "like" her Facebook page.

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Always save the best for last

Sample Compliment Letter For Good Customer Service

thanks for the compliment letter

Thank You Note Examples to Show Approval of a Business

Thank You Note Examples

for Great Service or Product

It’s important to let those with whom you do business know that you notice, and appreciate superior customer service.

Most of us would have to admit that we’ve had our share of mediocre service from companies in the past.

However, some companies are starting to "get it". They realize that in today's global marketplace, consumers have a greater number of choices than ever.

So they are providing better buying experiences for customers to inspire loyalty, rather thank depending on fancy schmancy ad campaigns alone.

Below, you’ll find thank you note examples for great customer service and exceptional products. Use them as is, or as templates for creating your own.

Thank You Note Examples for Excellent Service

Dear _____________________:

I'd like to compliment one of your employees, _______________, for the excellent service she provided me last week. Ms. ____________ helped me to sort out my account after I discovered that there had been several unauthorized debits made from it a few weeks ago.

I have always been pleased with the service I receive at your branch. However, Ms. _____________'s professionalism and ability to get to the bottom of the situation quickly exceeded my expectations.

Within a few days, she was able to verify the fraudulent charges to my account and start the process of having my account balance corrected.

Such a commitment to great customer service is to be commended. You can be sure that I will continue to do business with ____________ Bank for years to come.



Dear _____________________:

This week, I was provided with excellent service at your garage, and I truly appreciate it.

As a single parent, I can tell you that the prospect of having to spend hundreds of dollars, according to estimates I'd received elsewhere, was a dim one. Thankfully, I decided to opt for one more professional opinion before having my car repaired.

Your mechanics discovered that the real problem was due to a defective switch, and were able to replace it for just $25. Needless to say, I breathed a sigh of relief!

I am higly pleased with the professional manner in which your mechanics serviced my automobile. You have definitely gained a new customer who will refer all of her friends to Bill Bright's Auto Service Center.



More Thank You Note Examples

Thank You Note Examples for Superior Wholesale or Retail Product

Dear _____________________:

Our buyer has been searching for some time for the best price on high-quality, flip-top cold frames. The price that your representative quoted us was a full 4 1/2 percent lower than any of the companies that we’ve dealt with in the past.

Since this particular product is always in demand in our stores, we must maintain significant quantities in stock. This break on the price translates into a considerable savings for us. You can be sure that we will being ordering from your company again soon.

Best Regards,


Dear _____________________:

My compliments on producing such a great set of cutlery. They arrived within a week as promised, and I was delighted to be able to use them for preparation of my holiday dinner.

I found the carving knife to be extremely easy to use. The sleek design of the handle made it unusually comfortable to hold. I found slicing both meat and poultry to be equally simple. I am extremely pleased with the quality of your product, and look forward to doing business with you in the future.


Interested in more thank you note examples?

Check out our thank you note wording and our personal thank you notes pages.

For letters that you can use in the workplace, click here.

Read our tips on writing the perfect thank you letter for customer or concerns or compliments, please feel welcome to reach back out as we.

How to Gracefully Accept a Compliment

thanks for the compliment letter

4 min read

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

While I was in the check-out line at the grocery store the other day, the customer ahead of me complimented the cashier on her earrings. Instead of saying, “Thank you,” the cashier replied, “Aren’t they cute? They’re on sale at Target for $15.99.” In other words, she dismissed the compliment and offered information that was not necessary.

This cashier is not unusual. Many of us don’t know how to accept a compliment. And in some cases, we inadvertently insult the person who gives it.

Why does accepting a compliment feel so awkward, causing us to stumble over our words, downplay or even reject it? The problem may lie in the fact that from the time we are children, we are taught to be humble, not cocky or arrogant.

But whenever you downplay or reject the compliment you may be doing more harm than good. A compliment is, after all, a kind of gift, and turning down a gift insults the person giving it, suggesting that you don’t value them as highly as they value you.

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Here are some dos and don’ts that will help you gracefully accept any compliment.

1. Do say 'thank you'.

The rule of thumb when you receive a compliment is to simply and humbly say “Thank you” or “Thank you; I appreciate your kind words.” By accepting the compliment, you show gratitude for the other person’s kind remarks and do not come off as vain, bashful or prideful.

2. Do share the compliment.

If someone compliments you and your team, acknowledge the compliment and say that you will pass it along to those team members who helped you do the work or complete the project. This makes everyone feel good.

3. Do receive a toast.

When someone raises a glass in a toast to you, the correct protocol is to nod your head and smile. Do not pick up your glass and drink along with the others following the toast. This is like patting your own back and complimenting yourself. When everyone has taken a sip, feel free to stand and offer a toast in return.

4. Do be mindful of your nonverbal behavior.

Watch your body language as you accept the compliment. Avoid crossed arms, downcast eyes or overly-casual postures that can send a wrong message or indicate disinterest. Lean slightly forward, look the giver in the eyes, and smile as you say “thank you.”

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5. Don't get into a compliment battle.

At times, you may feel inclined to “out-compliment” or downplay your work, especially when a compliment comes from someone you respect and admire. This may be appropriate in Asia, but not in the U.S. Fight the urge to one-up someone’s sincere praise. Don’t say, “Thank you, but I know my input wasn’t nearly as valuable as yours.” Instead, embrace the moment and be grateful for the accolade.

6. Don’t deny or downplay the compliment.

One of the worst things you can do is deny a compliment. This can come across like a slap in the face to the giver, as it negates their opinions and feelings. An example of this type of interaction might be: “You look really nice today. Is that a new suit you’re wearing?” Response: “This old thing? I’ve had it for years.” Or, “You gave a good presentation this morning.” Response: “I could have done better. I messed up a few times.”

7. Don’t question or insult the giver.

When someone offers a compliment, know that it may be coming from his or her heart. When you deny the compliment, it may seem as if you question their taste or insult their judgment as in this example: “You are one of the best speakers I’ve heard all year.” Response: “Really? You must not get out much.”

8. Don’t milk the compliment.

To gracefully receive a compliment, try not to give responses that attempt to elicit reassurance, like “What makes you think that?” or “Gosh, are you sure?”

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Whenever you receive compliments, use these guidelines and you may find yourself receiving even more since your graceful acceptance gives both you and the giver great pleasure.
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The rule of thumb when you receive a compliment is to simply and humbly say “ Thank you” or “Thank you; I appreciate your kind words.

thanks for the compliment letter
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