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Engagement party thank you cards etiquette

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Engagement party thank you cards etiquette
September 25, 2019 Misc. Thanks 5 comments

afternoon tea style with ~130 guests (large engagement parties are com. Tagged: engagement, etiquette, party, polite, thank yous While having a picture Thank You note is cute, it delays getting the notes out – and they.

Writing thank-you notes may feel tedious at times, but we promise, the faster you get them done and sent, the happier you’ll be! (By the way, that one-year-to-send-a-note rule is a total wedding myth—try to get them out in three months or less.)

Regina Cialone, a NYC-based wedding planner with Cloud Nove Events's, says that proper etiquette dictates that the couple handwrite the notes. Anything preprinted might come across as "cold and impersonal," according to Cialone. "Even just a line or two of writing makes a difference."

The best way to tackle this seemingly never-ending task? Write the notes as you receive the gifts before and after the wedding. "Every Sunday, sit down with a cup of coffee and write out the thank-you notes for those items," says Alex Chalk of Taylor'd Events Group. But do a little planning first. Make a spreadsheet listing the invitee, the gift given, and then a third column to keep some helpful notes. Jot down whether you've used the item yet, what you like about it, or how you plan to enjoy it. For example, do you look forward to making weekend brunch with your new waffle iron? This kind of specificity will make the notes a little more personal and less generic, says Kristen Ley Green of Something New for I Do. "You can even do this with cash or gift cards," Green says. Let the gift-giver know what you plan to purchase or how you'll make use of their generosity.

If you’ve got a case of writer’s block about what to write in a wedding thank you card (to go along with that hand cramp), here are a few sample notes on how to write wedding thank you-cards for common gifting scenarios to get those creative juices flowing.

Scenario #1: A gift off your registry

Pro Tip: It’s something you wanted, so mention how much you love it and that you plan to use it all the time.

Dear Margaret,
Thank you so much for the espresso machine! Chris and I have become serious coffee fiends, and are excited to be able to make our own drinks at home. We’d love to have you over for brunch soon so you can see it in action! Thank you again for being a part of our wedding day.

Scenario #2: A gift of money

Pro Tip: Don’t mention how much you received—but do hint at how you’ll use the cash!

Dear Aunt Melissa and Uncle Marc,
Thank you so much for celebrating our wedding day with us! Chris and I were thrilled with your generous and thoughtful gift. Thanks to the two of you, we were able to book the cooking class we’d had our eye on for our honeymoon. Looking forward to seeing you over the holidays!

Scenario #3: The gifter is someone you don’t know well

Pro Tip: Mention the person you know in common.

Dear Mrs. Bergen,
Thank you for the gorgeous crystal bowl. It will look absolutely beautiful on our coffee table. It was so lovely to see you at the wedding—my mother always speaks so fondly of you, and Chris and I were so happy to finally meet you in person!

Scenario #4: You have no clue what the gift is

Pro Tip: Focus on the givers, rather than the mystery gift.

Dear Jane and Tom,
Thank you again for being a part of our big day, as well as for the wonderful wedding gift. It means so much to us that you traveled so far to celebrate with us. Chris and I feel lucky to count you as our friends!

Scenario #5: It’s a group gift

Pro Tip: Send individual thank-you notes to each person, but give a shout-out to the whole group.

Dear Lisa,
Thank you so much for the wine fridge. It will definitely be getting a lot of use in our new home! We are so lucky to have friends who know us so well, and can’t wait to have you all over to open a bottle or two!

Scenario #6: You already have one (or you’ve already exchanged it)

Pro Tip: Don’t mention that you’ve returned or exchanged the gift—just focus on the giver and the gift itself.

Dear Derek,
Chris and I want to thank you for the wooden salad bowl. The organic design is so beautiful, and the carved salad servers are the perfect finishing touch. You have great taste! We are so happy you were able to make it to our wedding—thanks for holding down the fort on the dance floor!

Scenario #7: You hate it—but you can’t return it

Pro Tip: Don’t like the gift and so don't rave about it, but do find something positive to say!

Dear Grandma,
Thank you so much for the cut crystal vase. It reminds me of the one you always had on the table during the holidays, and brings back such great memories. We are thrilled that you’ll be at our wedding, and can’t wait to celebrate with you.

Scenario #8: They sent a gift, but couldn’t come to the wedding

Pro Tip: Mention how much you wish they could have been there.

Dear Uncle Dave,
Thank you so much for the set of wine glasses. It was so kind of you to think of us! Chris and I wish you could have been there on our wedding day—it wasn’t the same without you. We’re looking forward to more opportunities to celebrate together in the future!
Love, Emily

Here are some useful tips for your thank you cards. each of these tips is time- tested and ensures that you maintain appropriate etiquette. Engagement party host and attendees; Bridal shower host and attendees; Anyone.

Wedding Gift Thank You Card Etiquette

engagement party thank you cards etiquette

5 short “thank you” note templates

Thank you note for gifts from engagement party or bridal shower

[Name of Guest]

Thank you so much for the [applicable adjective][name of the gift]! It’s such a thoughtful gift and we can’t wait to [describe how you will use the gift]. We look forward to celebrating with you at the wedding in [month of your wedding]!

Thanks again!

[Your names]

Thank you note for pre-wedding gifts that arrive in the mail

[Name of Guest]

We received your [name of gift] in the mail today and are so excited to [describe how you will use the gift]. It’s such a thoughtful gift and we really appreciate your generosity.

We can’t wait to celebrate and catch up with you at the wedding!

Thanks again!

[Your names]

Thank you note for cash gifts

[Name of Guest]

We can’t thank you enough for your generous gift of $[x.xx]. We’ve been saving for [honeymoon, travel, furniture fund, special occasion, other] and will think of you when we spend it.

We hope you had a great time at the wedding and were so happy you could celebrate our special day with us!

Thanks again!

[Your names]

Thank you note for gifts from guests who attended the wedding

[Name of Guest]

Thank you so much for the [applicable adjective][name of the gift]! It’s such a thoughtful gift and we can’t wait to [describe how you will use the gift].

We had a great time with you at the wedding and loved [seeing you on the dance floor, your speech, your dress/tie, other memory of this person at your wedding].

Thanks for making our day so memorable! We look forward to the next time we can get together!

[Your names]

Thank you note for gifts from guests who couldn’t make it to the wedding

[Name of Guest]

We missed you at the wedding but are so touched that you thought of our special day and sent us [name of gift]. We can’t wait to [say how you will use the gift] and will think of you whenever we do.

We’ll have a post-wedding celebratory drink the next time we can get together!

Thanks again for thinking of us!

[Your names]

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What Is Proper Wedding Etiquette for Sending Thank-You Notes for Our Engagement Presents?

engagement party thank you cards etiquette

Getting engaged is the first step towards uniting two souls as one. Of course, this occasion calls for a celebration, and a spectacular engagement party is arranged where the would-be bride and groom are blessed by friends and family. Certainly, the couple gets many lovely gifts which show the love and support of their family and friends.

Then comes the big impending task... writing a thank you note!

◆ Apart from traditional ivory paper, different colored and patterned papers, different colored pens, or stickers can be used for thank you cards. For example: the paper could have a flower pattern, if you have used flowers as the motif for your engagement party.

◆ To personalize the card, you can write, a quote or a simple thank you, in your own handwriting. Adding your photo on the card is also a great idea.

Now comes the humongous task―to put your thoughts on paper. Here is a template which will help you overcome the writer's block.

★ Start off by writing the name of the guest on your thank you note. For example, "Dear Mr. and Mrs. Smith" or "Dear Aunt Judy."
If you are thanking a group, include the names of all the members of that group. For example, "Dear Rose, Bob, and Jenny."

★ Mention what you are thankful for. For instance, if you have received a gift, mention how grateful you are for such a lovely gift. If it is a monetary gift, thank the giver for his generosity. However, avoid mentioning the amount as it can be considered a bad etiquette. You can simply say, "Thank you for your generous engagement gift."

★ Tell the giver how you intend to use the gift in one line rather listing them down. For example: "The exquisite photo frame is great to show off our engagement picture", or for a monetary gift: "Your generous gift has taken us one step closer to buying our dream house."

★ Express gratitude and going a step further, mention that you will expect them to attend the wedding as well. For example, "Thank you so much for attending our engagement party. We hope to see you at the wedding."

★ End the note with a greeting and your names. For example, "Yours sincerely, Amanda and John."

While most gifts will come closer to or immediately after your wedding date, there's a chance at least a few people will send you engagement.

ADVICE - Thank-you notes for an Engagement Party

engagement party thank you cards etiquette

‘Simple Sprigs’ thank you card by Minted

The wedding is finished and you can finally put your feet up and relax. Suddenly, youre reminded that you have one more major task to do before you can officially hang up your bridal veil – write wedding thank you cards!

Taking time to write thank you cards is an important final step in the wedding process. Each of your guests deserves recognition for the support they provided during this special time in your life. Unique wording for each thank you card allows you to express gratitude for the gifts you received.

Although hand-writing your wedding thank you cards can be a tedious and repetitive job, bringing on spurts of tendinitis, it is the perfect time to reminisce over each guest. Think about a joke you shared during the reception, something funny that happened at the ceremony, or just how much you appreciate the distance they traveled to be at your wedding.

What to Include in your Note?

The purpose of a thank you card is to make the receiver feel warm and fuzzy. Writing a thank you card to tell someone how much you loved their gift and company at the wedding is personal and endearing.

If you are anything like me, you will probably find an example of a thank you card that speaks to you (potentially in one of my examples below) and use similar wording over and over again. Ensure you include small tweaks to personalize the note.

Okay, 4% of you (one being my husband) are going to write individualized thank you cards, but don’t hate me because I am efficient!

Tips for how to Word Thank You Stationery:

  • First, thank the guest for the wedding gift!
  • Use your imagination and describe how you will use the gift. Don’t be vague. You want them to know you are talking about their gift. Writing, “Thank you for your wonderful gift, we are very excited to use it in our new kitchen,” could be speaking about any gift. Make sure they know you are talking about their gift. For example, “Thank you for the wok, our nightly stir-fry meals taste so much better!”
  • Four to five sentences are fine for thank you cards that are not sent to close family or friends.
  • Write a sentence about how you enjoyed seeing them at the wedding. Try to include something you remember about them that day. This could be a funny joke they told, how nice they looked in a specific color dress, or their killer dance moves!
  • If the guest sent you a gift, but were unable to attend in person, make sure to include regrets that they were not able to attend.
  • Reference a future visit together and how you will use their gift. For example, “We look forward to having you over for a drink using our new wine glasses!”
  • Finally, if you weren’t too fond of a gift you received, try to write primarily about the time at the wedding and less about the gift.

How To Word Wedding Thank You Cards

Example #1 – Guest who bought a gift from the bridal registry

Example #2 – Guest who did NOT give a gift from bridal registry

Mention how much you love the gift and how you can’t wait to use it regularly.

Example #3 – For guests who gave cash as a gift

You don’t have to write the dollar amount, but let them know how you will use the money.

Example #4 – For friends/coworkers that pooled resources for a group gift

Send each a thank you card, mentioning the ‘group gift’.

Example #5 – For a guest you do not know very well

Example #6 – For a guest who sent a gift, but wasn’t able to attend the wedding

Example #7 – Wording for a guest who gave a charitable donation

Example #8 – Wedding Thank You Wording for Your Bridal Party

Example #9 – Wedding Thank You Note Wording for Your Vendors

Example #10 – Wording for Guests Who Attended your Destination Wedding

Example #11 – Thank You Card Wording for a Gift You Want to Exchange/Return

It is always best to keep quiet about gifts you have exchanged or plan to return. In such cases, you don’t need to broadcast the situation or say how you’ll use it, instead just talk about the gift.

However, there are some circumstances that you may not have a choice and must admit to the gift giver that you won’t be keeping the gift, so as to avoid any future embarrassing moments. Here is the wording on how you might approach this situation.

Example #12 – Wedding Thank You Card wording for a gift you don’t like / can’t return

Lead with a positive tone, but don’t be fake or over-the-top commenting on the gift.

Example #13 – Flower Girl Thank You Card Wording

Closings and Signing off

Make sure to sign your thank you notes with a warm closing.

The following are all appropriate to use for close friends and family:

  • “Love”
  • “With love”
  • “Lots of love”
  • “Love Always”
  • “Much love to you”
  • “Love and thanks”

Some good choices for friends of your parents or work friends:

  • “Sincerely”
  • “Best”
  • ” Yours Truly”
  • “Fondly”
  • “Warmest Thanks”
  • “Gratefully”
  • “Best Always”


Back in the old country, it was traditional for the author of the card to sign the card. Nowadays, some couples choose to sign the card using each of their names. Whatever floats your boat!

Just make sure that if you both sign the bottom of the card, you write the card in first person plural. For example, “We were thrilled that you were able to attend our wedding.”

Do’s and (One) Don’t

  • Do put your new return address on all thank you cards.
  • Do thank guests in separate cards for separate presents. If you receive a shower gift from a family member, and then 2 weeks later receive a wedding gift, it is not appropriate to thank them for both gifts using one card.
  • Do use either black or blue ink to write your wedding thank you cards.
  • Do try and use the word ‘you’ more than ‘I’ or ‘me’ when writing out your notes. Do not start the note with the word ‘I’.
  • Do splurge on thank you stationery (within reason). As a newlywed couple you want to be proud of your married status. Buy some luxury thank you cards. Better yet, get them monogrammed with your newlywed initials!
  • Do try to follow tradition. In general the woman’s name should go first. If you are planning on using your full names it should be “Kristen and Thomas” or initials “K+T” or “K&T”. Same sex couples: time to play a crucial game of rock-paper-scissors!
  • Do evenly split the thank you card writing task. The groom can write his share of thank you cards as well.
  • Do set a date for when you want your thank you cards finished. Don’t forget to reward yourself along the way!
  • Do send both sets of parents a thank you card and acknowledge their support, love, and any money they provided to pull off this once in a life time event. If you have any money left over in your wedding budget, sending thank you flowers is also nice.
  • Do thank your wedding vendors. They appreciate handwritten notes and love sharing them with future clients. Try and send thank you notes to vendors within a month after the wedding.
  • DO NOT send a pre-printed thank you card (except in special circumstances). Thank you cards are a handwritten expression of gratitude for attending your wedding and how much you appreciate a wedding gift.

I hope this makes the process of ordering, sending, and how to word wedding thank you cards a little less painful.

So, what’s next?

Oh, we’ve got no shortage of things to do around here…

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Our engagement party is next weekend, and we have asked guests to please not bring us any gifts. We just want everyone to come and.

engagement party thank you cards etiquette
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